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Composer Work Tally
AnonPsalm 893
AnonPsalm 135: 1-142
AnonTravelling Light1
AnonO little town of Bethlehem5
AnonWhat child is this?1
AnonPsalm 192
AnonPsalm 821
AnonThe Swallow leaves her nest1
AnonMy Lord, what a morning1
AnonPsalm 706
AnonPsalm 78: 56-731
AnonBest of the Beatles3
AnonPsalm 991
AnonResponses Radcliffe Psalm 149 Canticles: Jackson i1
AnonPsalm 1462
AnonPsalms 53, 541
AnonPsalm 109 omit vv 5-191
AnonJe suis déshéritée (I am disinherited since I
have lost my lover)
AnonPsalm 234
AnonPrayer for choir, organ, 3 tpts1
AnonPsalm 119: 73-882
AnonPsalm 336
AnonPsalm 1342
AnonBroadway Showstoppers1
AnonA Child is Born in Bethlehem1
AnonMagnificat Primi Toni1
AnonPsalm 119: 89-961
AnonPsalm 7: 1-101
AnonBest of The Beach Boys1
AnonPsalm 106: 1-1210
AnonPsalms 12, 131
AnonMartin menait son pourceau (Martin was taking his
piglet to market)
AnonPsalm 24
AnonPsalm 1452
AnonChattanooga Choo Choo1
AnonPsalm 872
AnonPsalm 1378
AnonRenew us Lord2
AnonPsalm 1041
AnonPsalm 501
AnonPsalm 119: 145-1609
AnonCarnival of the Animals1
AnonPsalm 1439
AnonChorale and Shaker Dance1
AnonFeast Responses1
AnonPsalm 916
AnonA Virgin most pure2
AnonPsalm 119: 105-1121
AnonPsalm 722
AnonSing a song of sixpence2
AnonPsalm 73: 1-3, 16-end2
AnonPsalm 1262
AnonBarber of Seville Overture1
AnonPsalm 10812
AnonAway in a Manger1
AnonDrop, drop slow tears for choir, organ, and
AnonCoe Fen1
AnonPsalm 132 1-111
AnonShakespeare Pictures1
AnonPsalm 831
AnonPsalm 1291
AnonPsalm 68: 21-351
AnonAr hyd y nos1
AnonSweet Sleep1
AnonPsalm 33: 1-92
AnonPsalm 117: Laudate Dominum1
AnonPsalm 792
AnonPsalm 89: 20-362
AnonPsalm 124
AnonFrancion vint l''autre jour (Francion came the
other day and found me all alone)
AnonPsalm 119: 41-561
AnonI will lift up mine eyes1
AnonEl Sombrero de Tres Picos2
AnonPsalm 666
AnonFanfare for the Common Man1
AnonSweet Day1
AnonPsalm 771
AnonCarol Medley1
AnonOn Waking1
AnonAin’t misbehaving1
AnonPsalm 43
AnonPsalm 37: 1-1012
AnonJouissance vous donnerai (Pleasure I will give
you, my love)
AnonPsalm 617
AnonOculi omnium1
AnonDark Eyes1
AnonPsalm 8413
AnonPsalm 421
AnonPsalm 119: 1-163
AnonSans Day Carol2
AnonPsalm 139: 1-11, 13-18, 23-241
AnonAll through the night1
AnonPsalms 126, 1271
AnonPsalm 732
AnonTea for Two2
AnonWere you there?2
AnonPsalm 119: 1-88
AnonSenior Choir, Symphony Orchestra2
AnonPsalm 1281
AnonFlute, horn (duet with Peter)1
AnonThe Lass of Richmond Hill1
AnonBlack is the colour of my true love's hair2
AnonPsalm 145: 1-93
AnonChick, chick, chicken!1
AnonPsalm 475
AnonCome gentle zephyr1
AnonPsalm 812
AnonBethlehem, of noblest cities2
AnonPsalm 295
AnonVariations on a Korean Folk Song1
AnonCalifornia Dreamin'2
AnonPsalm 139: 1-182
AnonPsalm 851
AnonWhen the stars begin to fall1
AnonPsalm 983
AnonPsalm 69: 1-181
AnonPsalm 6,7,81
AnonCount your Blessings1
AnonAndrew Carter there1
AnonPsalm 936
AnonPsalm 106: 1-102
AnonPsalm 481
AnonOrchestra, Brass Group, Senior Wind Band, Wind
AnonO poesy1
AnonThe Twelve Days of Christmas1
AnonPsalm 521
AnonPsalms 133, 1341
AnonJesu sweetë sonë dear1
AnonPavane, Op. 501
AnonPsalm 461
AnonPsalm 78 (all 73 verses)1
AnonPsalm 656
AnonNever weather-beaten sail2
AnonEmmanuel Variants1
AnonPsalm 107: 1-221
AnonPsalm 14713
AnonPsalm 119: 17-321
AnonWar Songs1
AnonDomine Deus1
AnonBlue Moon2
AnonPsalm 11410
AnonPsalm 34: 15-end1
AnonTeddy Bears' Picnic1
AnonPsalm 131
AnonPsalm 18:17-311
AnonPsalm 1353
AnonPsalm 33: 1-126
AnonTantum ergo2
AnonPsalm 491
AnonPsalm 119: 73-8010
AnonRudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer1
AnonMoscow Nights1
AnonPsalm 106: 1-221
AnonThames Journey1
AnonPsalm 901
AnonChristopher Robin is saying his prayers2
AnonSymphony Orchestra, Senior Choir, Concert
Orchestra, Brass Group, Senior Wind Band
AnonAve verum1
AnonPsalm 89: 1-85
AnonPsalm 1411
AnonIl est bel et bon (He is a good chap, my husband)2
AnonSwingin' Samson, Flute duet, ocarina1
AnonPsalm 104: 1-109
AnonNunc dimittis in A major1
AnonPsalm 743
AnonPsalm 143
AnonPsalm 18: 1-155
AnonDown to the river to pray1
AnonMainardi Piano Trio1
AnonPsalm 963
AnonPsalm 69: 19-371
AnonPsalm 68
AnonPsalm 15032
AnonPsalm 6712
AnonPsalm 922
AnonAnd so it goes1
AnonPsalm 73
AnonConcert Orchestra, Brass Group, Senior Wind Band,
Wind Band
AnonPsalm 331
AnonPsalm 1489
AnonCome let us join the roundelay1
AnonI saw three ships1
AnonPsalm 73: 1-145
AnonSteal Away1
AnonSicilienne, Op. 781
AnonPsalm 78: 1-89
AnonGood King Wenceslas2
AnonPsalm 394
AnonAve Regina1
AnonPsalm 1216
AnonPsalm 1311
AnonPsalm 78: 1-261
AnonPsalm 44: 1-92
AnonSenior Choir, Concert Orchestra, Symphony
Orchestra, Brass Group, Senior/Junior Wind Bands
AnonSelection from Abba Greatest Hits1
AnonPsalm 90: 1-61
AnonPsalm 1164
AnonPsalm 329
AnonPsalm 78: 1-171
AnonLe chant des oiseaux (Song of the birds)1
AnonPsalm 13013
AnonInvocation to sleep1
AnonPhantom of the Opera Medley1
AnonPsalm 261
AnonPsalm 1091
AnonOnce in Royal David's City2
AnonPsalm 1009
AnonRobin Hood Prince of Thieves1
AnonPsalm 641
AnonPsalm 273
AnonPsalms 92, 931
AnonPsalm 751
AnonLocked Horns1
AnonThe Mission (Gabriel's Oboe)1
AnonSenior Choir, Concert Orchestra, Symphony
Orchestra, Brass Group
AnonPsalm 536
AnonEn venant de Lyon (When coming from Lyons)1
AnonVoices of our Ancestors2
AnonAve Maria1
AnonThe Sword & The Crown1
AnonStand by me1
AnonPsalm 69: 1-7,15-181
AnonWexford Carol1
AnonPsalm 861
AnonThe Lost Mountain1
AnonMichael Row the Boat Ashore1
AnonPied Piper Choir, Flute Solo item1
AnonPsalm 50: 1-61
AnonCome down, O Love Divine1
AnonPsalm 1113
AnonFlute Choir, Junior Choir, Concert Orchestra,
Symphony Orchestra, Junior Wind Band
AnonDeath’s final conquest1
AnonThorns in the Straw1
AnonPsalm 147: 12-end1
AnonBeach Boys: I get around1
AnonPsalm 89: 1-91
AnonOver the frost1
AnonPsalm 102
AnonOpen late on Wednesdays1
AnonGod rest ye merry, gentlemen2
AnonO for the wings of a dove1
AnonChild in a manger born1
AnonPsalm 812
AnonSwallow, swallow flying south1
AnonPsalm 68: 1-202
AnonMorning has broken1
AnonPsalm 602
AnonMusic from the Battle1
AnonPsalm 78: 27-551
AnonPsalm 437
AnonPsalm 35: 1-62
AnonUn doux regard (If for my life I only depend on
your affection)
AnonOpus Trinitatis for 3 tpts1
AnonTher is no rose of swych vertu5
AnonPsalm 73: 1-141
AnonPsalm 104: 1-104
AnonPsalms 60,631
AnonPsalm 973
AnonPsalm 119: 81-881
AnonPsalm 222
AnonGaudeamus Igitur1
AnonPsalm 65: 9-141
AnonBig Country1
AnonCCHS Christmas Concert Senior Choir, Concert Orche1
AnonTe Deum in A1
AnonPsalm 345
AnonPsalm 92
AnonThe Lord at first did Adam make3
AnonColors of the Wind1
AnonPsalms 87, 881
AnonPsalm 1227
AnonFrom the beginning of the world (Homage to Tallis)1
AnonChoral and Rock-Out1
AnonPsalm 68: 1-82
AnonPsalm 454
AnonPsalms 128, 1292
AnonPsalm 34: 1-102
AnonSome folks do1
AnonPsalm 139: 1-111
AnonNight and Day1
AnonWaltzing Matilda1
AnonPsalm 95: 1-72
AnonNational Anthem22
AnonPsalm 1493
AnonWhen evening’s twilight1
AnonTe lucis ante terminum1
Łukaszewski, PawelAve Maria23
Łukaszewski, PawelNunc Dimittis11
Łukaszewski, PawelBeatus vir, Sanctus Paulus1
Łukaszewski, PawelDeus misereatur nostri1
Adam, AO Holy Night1
Agay, DenesEasy Dances2
Alan Menken / David
Zero to Hero1
Alan Menken / Howard
The Mob Song1
Alan Menken / Howard
Part of that World1
Alan Menken / Howard
Prince Ali1
Alan Menken /
Stephen Schwartz
The Bells of Notre Dame1
Alan Menken /
Stephen Schwartz
Into the Sunlight1
Alan Menken /
Stephen Schwartz
Happy Little Working Song1
AlbrightChichester Mass1
AlfordCome, ye thankful people, come1
Allegri, GregorioMiserere mei, Deus13
AlwynFanfare for a Joyful Occasion1
American traditionalThe Dying Soldier1
AmnerCaesar's Service3
Amy Grant/Chris
Eaton arr Emerson
Breath of Heaven3
AndersonSleigh Ride1
AnerioChristus factus est3
Anglican chantCanticles1
AnonIntroit for Ascension (The Lord ascendeth up on
Anon (C13)Summer is icumen in11
anon (C15) arr.
Martin Shaw
Coventry Carol4
anon. (C16) arr.
Mack Wilberg
Ding Dong! Merrily on high5
AntogniniLux Aeterna1
AntogniniAve Maria1
ArneRule, Britannia!2
ArnoldEnglish Dances (Set 2)2
ArnoldDivertimento for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet1
ArnoldTrevalyan Suite2
ArnoldThe Inn of the Sixth Happiness1
ArnoldJohn Clare - Spring1
ArnoldThe Padstow Lifeboat1
ArnoldSuite 21
ArnoldAnniversary Overture, Op 991
arr, HaynesWere you there?1
arr R. L. PearsallIn dulci jubilo8
arr. Andrew CarterI wonder as I wander1
arr. Ben ParryCharlie is my darlin'3
arr. Ben ParryGaudete3
arr. Bernard HughesI Wonder as I Wander1
arr. BullardGabriel to Mary came (Angelus ad virginem)1
arr. BullardNow the green blade riseth1
arr. Carl StrommenSinatra Showcase1
arr. ChilcottAr Hyd y Nos1
arr. ChilcottLondonderry Air1
arr. ChilcottThe gift to be simple1
arr. ChilcottEv'ry time I feel the spirit3
arr. ChilcottBuffalo Gals1
arr. CooperOrra Bhonna Bhonnagan1
arr. David HillSilent Night1
arr. ErbShenandoah1
arr. ForbesAuld Lang Syne1
arr. GerlitzAll Night, All Day1
Arr. GilkysonThe bare necessities1
arr. Gwyn ArchSister Mary had but one child1
arr. Gwyn ArchRise up Shepherd and Foller1
arr. Gwyn ArchThe Linden Tree Carol1
arr. Gwyn ArchAll my Trials1
arr. Jonathan
Stephen Foster medley3
arr. Jonathan
Skye boat song8
arr. Jonathan
Joshua fought the battle of Jericho15
arr. Jonathan
What shall we do with the drunken sailor6
arr. LoleLollipop1
arr. McCurryParting Friends1
arr. MilloyAmazing Grace1
arr. Moses HoganThe Battle of Jericho1
arr. Moses HoganWade in the Water1
arr. Moses HoganAbide with Me1
arr. Moses HoganGod's Gonna Set This World on Fire1
arr. Moses HoganEv'ry time I feel the Spirit1
arr. Moses HoganAin't that good news1
arr. Moses HoganSteal Away1
arr. NaylorLong Ago5
arr. NaylorOur love is here to stay1
arr. NaylorSummertime1
arr. NaylorAt Last10
arr. NesticoA Tribute to Harry James1
Arr. OxleyIs you is or is you ain't my baby?1
arr. Parker and ShawHis Voice as the Sound1
arr. Peter HuntWere you there?1
arr. Philip LedgerSussex Carol2
arr. RiceSleigh Ride3
arr. Richard MarlowJohn Brown's body8
arr. Ronald CorpAway in a Manger1
arr. Ronald CorpQuem pastores laudavere1
arr. RutterIn Dulci Jubilo1
arr. SEAMLollipop1
Arr. ShawGoodnight, sweetheart1
Arr. ShawThe Coventry Carol1
Arr. ShawThe Lord at first did Adam Make1
arr. Simon BrownWe Three Kings1
arr. Stephen JacksonNoel Nouvelet1
arr. StevensThere is no rose1
arr. Terence GreavesBeethoven's Fifth Bossa Nova3
arr. Tom CunninghamIn a Stable1
arr. WhittakerBobby Shaftoe1
arr. WillcocksUnto us is born a Son2
arr. WillcocksThe Cherry Tree Carol2
arr. WillcocksSussex Carol1
AstonAlleluia Psallat1
AstonDormi Jesus1
Atkins, Pye, MartinPsalms 32, 33, 341
AttwoodTurn thy face from my sins1
AttwoodTeach me, O Lord2
Bach, Johann SebastianBrandenburg Concerto No 43
Bach, Johann SebastianChristmas Oratorio (Parts 1-3)1
Bach, Johann SebastianDa das der König Herodes hörte1
Bach, Johann SebastianLobet den Herren26
Bach, transcribed by ElgarFantasia and Fugue in C minor1
Bach, Johann SebastianGloria in excelsis Deo1
Bach, Johann SebastianWachet auf9
Bach, Johann SebastianNun komm, der Heiden Heiland3
Bach, Johann SebastianEhre sei Gott1
Bach, Johann SebastianO Little One Sweet4
Bach, Johann SebastianChristmas Oratorio (Nos 1,10,12,39,59,64)1
Bach, Johann SebastianFrohe Hirten, eilt, ach eilet2
Bach, Johann SebastianFantasia and Fugue in G4
Bach, Johann SebastianMass in B minor (Christe eleison)1
Bach, Johann SebastianJauchzet, frohlocket!, Christmas Oratorio, Cantata
no. 1
Bach, Johann SebastianDoppel Concerto3
Bach, Johann SebastianChristmas Oratorio (Parts 1-3,6)2
Bach, Johann SebastianToccata in F4
Bach, Johann SebastianJauchzet, frohlocket! auf, preiset die Tage1
Bach, Johann SebastianJesus nahm zu sich die Zwölfe1
Bach, Johann SebastianJesu, Joy of man's desiring6
Bach, Johann SebastianIch folge dir gleichfalls1
Bach, Johann SebastianEhre sei Gott2
Bach, Johann SebastianBrandenburg Concerto No 31
Bach, Johann SebastianIch freue mich in dir3
Bach, Johann SebastianWachet auf (Cantata 140)1
Bach, Johann SebastianBrich an, o schönes Morgenlicht5
Bach, Johann SebastianMass in B minor2
Bach, Johann SebastianIhr werdet weinen und heulen (Cantata no. 103)1
Bach, Johann SebastianUnd der Engel sprach zu ihnen: Fürchtet euch
Bach, Johann SebastianAch bleib bei uns, Herr Jesu Christ3
Bach, Johann SebastianMagnificat2
Bach, Johann SebastianIch steh mit einem Fuss im Grabe1
Bach, Johann SebastianBrandenburg Concerto No 51
Bach, Johann SebastianSt John Passion6
Bach, Johann SebastianKomm, Jesu, komm23
Bach, Johann SebastianJesus, priceless treasure1
Bach, Johann SebastianDoppelkonzert1
Bach, Johann SebastianHerr, wenn die stolzen Feinde schnauben1
Bach, Johann SebastianDer Geist hilft unser Schwachheit auf10
Bach, Johann SebastianBrandenburg Concerto No 31
Bach, Johann SebastianSt Matthew Passion4
Bach, Johann SebastianWir singen dir in deinem Heer1
Bach, Johann SebastianAch! Ich sehe, jetzt, da ich zur Hochzeit gehe1
Bach, Johann SebastianWie lieblich klingt es in den Ohren!1
Bach, Johann SebastianEi! Wie schmeckt der Coffee süsse!1
Bach, Johann SebastianEhre sei dir, Gott, gesungen1
Bach, Johann SebastianSinget dem Herrn7
Bach, Johann SebastianSonata 10353
Bach, Johann SebastianIch steh' an deiner Krippen hier1
Bach, Wilhelm FriedemannSechs Duette für zwei Flöten (Duett I in
E minor)
Bach, Johann SebastianQuia respexit1
Bach, Johann SebastianDies hat er alles uns getan1
Bach, Johann SebastianHerrscher des Himmels, erhöre das Lallen1
Bach, Johann SebastianMach's mit mir, Gott, nach deiner Güt'1
Bach, Johann SebastianSinfonia to Cantata 29, arr Guillou6
Bach, Johann SebastianChristus, der uns selig macht1
Bach, Johann SebastianUnd es waren Hirten1
Bach, Johann SebastianSonata 1034 in E minor (Andante)1
Bach, Johann SebastianHerrscher des Himmels, Christmas Oratorio, Cantata
no. 3
Bach, Johann SebastianJesu, Meine Freude7
Bach, Johann SebastianNun seid ihr wohl gerochen1
Bach, Johann SebastianHerr, wenn die stolzen Feinde schnauben1
Bach, Johann SebastianIch will dich mit Fleiß bewahren1
BadeltPirates of the Caribbean2
BaintonAnd I saw a new heaven6
Bairstow, EdwardI sat down4
Bairstow, Edwardin D2
Bairstow, EdwardBlessed City, Heavenly Salem7
Bairstow, EdwardLet all mortal flesh keep silence8
Bairstow, EdwardThe Lamentation2
Balfour Gardiner, HenryTe lucis ante terminum10
Balfour Gardiner, HenryTe lucis ante terminum9
BalletLute book lullaby3
BannisterSpiritus divinae lucis gloriae14
Barber, SamuelEssay for Orchestra1
Barber, SamuelViolin Concerto Op. 142
Barber, SamuelLet down the bars, O Death1
Barber, SamuelAdagio for Strings1
Barnby, JosephSweet and Low1
Barnby, JosephSweet and low1
Barry, JohnOut of Africa1
BartOliver! (Food Glorious Food, That's Your Funeral,
Where is Love?, Consider Yourself)
BartokPiano Concerto1
BartokHungarian Sketches2
Basner'Na bezymjannoj vysote' On a Nameless Hill1
BattenO praise the Lord4
BattenFourth Service2
BattenO sing joyfully1
BaxThe Enchanted Fiddle1
BaxThis Worldes Joie15
BaxShieling Song2
BaxThe White Peace2
BaxMater ora filium10
BaxI sing of a maiden2
BaxA Milking Sian1
Bedford, DavidSun Paints Rainbows on the Vast Waves1
Bednall, DavidHail, gladdening light5
Beethoven, Ludwig vanMissa Solemnis in D Major, op. 123 (1824)2
Beethoven, Ludwig vanMass in C1
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphony No 9 (Ode to Joy)1
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphony No 71
Beethoven, Ludwig vanEgmont Overture5
Beethoven, Ludwig vanQuintet for Piano and Winds2
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphony No 82
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphony No 41
Beethoven, Ludwig vanQuintet for Piano and Winds (Mvt 1)1
Beethoven, Ludwig vanLeonore Overture No.32
Beethoven, Ludwig vanCoriolanus (Overture)6
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphony No 741
Beethoven, Ludwig vanPiano Concerto No 31
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphony No 21
Beethoven, Ludwig vanChoral Fantasia2
Beethoven, Ludwig vanPiano Trio Op 70 No 21
Beethoven, Ludwig vanViolin Concerto2
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphony No 12
Beethoven, Ludwig vanPiano Concerto No 5 'Emperor'2
Beethoven, Ludwig vanSymphony No 3 'Eroica'1
Beethoven, Ludwig vanRomance in F2
Beethoven arr.
Mervyn Warren
Joyful Joyful from Sister Act 21
BelliniCasta diva1
Bennet, JohnAll creatures now6
BennettFarnham Festival Overture1
BerkeleyThe Lord is my shepherd1
Berlioz, HectorShepherd's Farewell2
Berlioz, HectorHarold in Italy1
Berlioz, HectorRoman Carnival2
Berlioz, HectorRoméo and Juliette2
Berlioz, HectorSymphonie Fantastique1
Berlioz, HectorLes Nuits d'été1
Bernstein, LeonardSelections from West Side Story1
Bernstein, LeonardCandide (Overture)3
Bernstein, LeonardThe Great Escape1
Bernstein, LeonardSomewhere1
Bernstein, LeonardChichester Psalms3
Biebl, FranzAve Maria2
BinghamSt Bride Assisted by Angels1
BinghamA Dream of the Past2
BinghamThe Darkness is no Darkness1
BinghamThe Clouded Heaven6
BinghamMy Heart Strangely Warm'd (Scenes from an opera)4
Bizet, GeorgesCarmen Suite3
Bizet, GeorgesCarmen (Extracts)1
Bizet, GeorgesCarmen (Extracts)1
Bizet, GeorgesCarmen (Les Voici)1
Bizet, GeorgesL'Arlésienne Suite (mvts 1, 4)1
Bizet, GeorgesJeux d'enfants (Galop)1
Bizet, GeorgesL'Arlésienne Suite1
Blairin B minor6
Blanter KovalenkovThe Sun hides behind the Hills1
Blinko, TimMemorare1
BlissTwo Dances from 'Checkmate'1
BlowBehold, O God, our defender1
Blowin the Dorian Mode4
BlowSalvator mundi1
BockFiddler on the roof (selection)1
Bogoslovsky'Temnaja noch' Dark is the Night1
Bojeson, MichaelVerbum supernum prodiens5
BorodinSymphony No 22
BorodinPrince Igor ('Ne sna ne Otdikha' )1
BorodinIn the Steppes of Central Asia1
BorodinPolovtsian Dances3
Bortniansky, DmitryConcerto No. 24: Vozvedokh ochi moyi v hory ("I
Lift Up My Eyes to the Mountains")
BourgeoisBridges Over the River Cam1
Bourgeois, LouisNunc dimittis1
BoyceI was glad1
BoyceBy the waters of Babylon1
Boyle, RoryTallis's Light1
Brahms, JohannesUngarische Tanz1
Brahms, JohannesTragische Ouvertüre1
Brahms, JohannesViolin Sonata in D minor1
Brahms, JohannesVergebliches Ständchen1
Brahms, JohannesWie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen5
Brahms, JohannesSymphony No 31
Brahms, JohannesViolin Concerto2
Brahms, JohannesHungarian Dance No 52
Brahms, JohannesWo ist ein so herrlich Volk?9
Brahms, JohannesPiano Concerto No 23
Brahms, JohannesSchaffe in mir, Gott1
Brahms, JohannesFour Songs for Female Voices, Two Horns and Harp1
Brahms, JohannesWaldesnacht1
Brahms, JohannesGeistliches Lied4
Brahms, JohannesLiebeslieder1
Brahms, JohannesGerman Requiem5
Brahms, JohannesUnaccompanied Partsongs1
Brahms, JohannesEs geht ein Wehen1
Brahms, JohannesVariations on a Theme of Haydn (St Anthony
Brahms, JohannesSerenade No 2 (1st movement)1
Brahms, JohannesHow Lovely are thy Dwellings1
Brahms, JohannesPiano Concerto No 11
Brahms, JohannesSerenade for Strings and Wind in A major1
Brahms, JohannesAcademic Festival Overture1
Brahms, JohannesIch aber bin elend2
Brahms, JohannesSchicksalslied2
Brahms, JohannesDouble Concerto1
Brahms, JohannesWarum ist das Licht gegeben dem Mühseligen4
Brahms, JohannesIm Herbst1
Brahms, JohannesUnsere Väter1
Brahms, JohannesEs tönt ein voller Harfenklang1
BrammaThis is the day that the Lord hath made1
BrammaRussian Contakion4
Brewer, MikeOre Mi1
Brewer, MikeHamba Lulu1
Brewer, Herbertin D4
BridgeThe Goslings2
BridgeA Litany1
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Gloria)2
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Introït)1
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Ubi caritas et amor)1
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Sortie)1
Briggs, DavidToccata on Te Deum laudamus1
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Offertoire)1
Briggs, DavidA Song for Terri2
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Agnus Dei)1
Briggs, DavidI will lift up mine eyes unto the hills2
Briggs, DavidAve verum2
Briggs, DavidTe Deum laudamus1
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame with organ improvisations1
Briggs, DavidI will lift up mine eyes unto the hills1
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Élévation)1
Briggs, DavidThe Trinity College Service (Nunc dimittis)1
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Gloria)1
Briggs, DavidO Lord support us6
Briggs, DavidUbi caritas2
Briggs, DavidGod be in my head1
Briggs, DavidO Lord support us1
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Benedictus)1
Briggs, DavidO sing unto the Lord a new song (Psalm 98)1
Briggs, DavidThe Trinity College Service (Magnificat)1
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Kyrie)1
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre-Dame10
Briggs, DavidTrinity Service9
Briggs, DavidMesse pour Notre Dame (Sanctus)1
Britten, BenjaminThe Golden Vanity2
Britten, BenjaminA boy was born1
Britten, BenjaminDeus in adjutorium meum1
Britten, BenjaminChorale after an old French carol1
Britten, BenjaminCeremony of Carols7
Britten, BenjaminHeaven-haven1
Britten, BenjaminTe Deum in C2
Britten, BenjaminJubilate Deo in C major1
Britten, BenjaminSerenade for tenor, horn & strings2
Britten, BenjaminHymn to St Cecilia4
Britten, BenjaminThe succession of the four sweet months1
Britten, BenjaminTo Daffodils4
Britten, BenjaminRejoice in the Lamb20
Britten, BenjaminSimple Symphony1
Britten, BenjaminA Hymn to the Virgin3
Britten, BenjaminMarsh flowers1
Britten, BenjaminSaint Nicolas2
Britten, BenjaminCanticle no 2: Abraham and Isaac1
Britten, BenjaminWar Requiem (Agnus Dei)4
Britten, BenjaminMatinées Musicales (mvts 1,2,3,5)1
Britten, BenjaminMissa Brevis5
Britten, BenjaminThe Evening Primrose2
Britten, BenjaminBallad of green Broom1
Britten, BenjaminA Hymn of St Columba2
Britten, BenjaminSymphony for Cello and Orchestra1
Britten, BenjaminCeremony of Carols1
Britten, BenjaminA boy was born (first chorus)1
Britten, BenjaminFestival Te Deum in E2
Britten, BenjaminA New Year Carol2
Britten, BenjaminAntiphon (Praised be the God of love)2
Britten, BenjaminSoirees Musicales (March)1
Brody, YardenSketching in Sherbert1
BronnenkantSymphony for Singer (Excerpt)1
Brown, DisraeliThe Angel Gabriel1
Brown, ChristopherA Five-Gated Well1
Brown, DisraeliCome, See the Infant King!1
Brubeck arr. SEAMUnsquare Dance1
Bruch, MDouble Concerto for Viola and Clarinet1
Bruch, MViolin Concerto No 11
Bruckner, AntonChristus factus est pro nobis7
Bruckner, AntonLocus iste16
Bruckner, AntonOs justi8
Bruckner, AntonMass in E minor2
Bruckner, AntonVirga Jesse1
Bruckner, AntonAve Maria1
Bull, JohnUt re mi1
Bullard, AlanScots Nativity2
Bullard, AlanColne Valley Variations1
Bullard, Alan'Revolt!'1
Bullard, AlanGlory to the Christ Child2
Bullard, AlanNatus est Immanuel1
BurgonNunc Dimittis3
Burke, AndrewCouch Potato Suite1
Burke, PaulThree Dickinson Settings1
Buttall, PhilipThe Lone Ar-ranger1
Butterworth, GThe Banks of Green Willow (Idyll)1
Buxtehude, DieterichDas Neugeborne Kindelein2
Buxtehude, DieterichMembra Jesu Nostri1
Byrd, WilliamTonus Peregrinus and Tone I2
Byrd, WilliamCome, let us rejoice unto our Lord1
Byrd, WilliamGreat Service10
Byrd, WilliamSecond Service16
Byrd, WilliamO Lord, make thy servant Elizabeth3
Byrd, WilliamO salutaris hostia1
Byrd, WilliamFour part mass6
Byrd, WilliamMiserere mei, Deus1
Byrd, WilliamResponses58
Byrd, WilliamPuer natus est1
Byrd, WilliamChrist rising again2
Byrd, WilliamAve verum18
Byrd, WilliamNe irascaris, Domine18
Byrd, WilliamNunc Dimittis (Short Service)2
Byrd, WilliamWhy do I use?1
Byrd, WilliamO quam gloriosum2
Byrd, WilliamFinal Responses7
Byrd, WilliamNunc Dimittis Tone I1
Byrd, WilliamDeo gratias1
Byrd, WilliamCivitas sancti tui30
Byrd, WilliamSenex puerum portabat1
Byrd, WilliamLaudibus in sanctis4
Byrd, WilliamO Lord, grant the Queen a long life1
Byrd, WilliamShort Service22
Byrd, WilliamFantasia in G1
Byrd, WilliamLaetantur coeli3
Byrd, WilliamBeata viscera1
Byrd, WilliamNon vos relinquam orphanos3
Byrd, Williamfor four voices4
Byrd, WilliamCunctis diebus1
Byrd, WilliamLitany1
Byrd, WilliamProstrate O Lord I lie2
Byrd, WilliamSing Joyfully15
Byrd, WilliamMass for four voices (Agnus Dei)2
Byrd, WilliamThird Service2
Byrd, WilliamThis sweet and merry month2
Byrd, WilliamEmendemus in melius3
Byrd, WilliamNunc Dimittis Tonus Peregrinus1
Byrd, WilliamJustorum animae14
Byrd, WilliamPlorans plorabit1
Byrd, WilliamPrevent us, O Lord2
Byrd, WilliamHaec dies4
Byrd, WilliamO quam gloriosum1
Byrd, WilliamTeach me, O Lord3
Byrd, WilliamYe sacred muses4
Byrd, WilliamMass for four voices (Sanctus)2
Byrd, WilliamPraise our Lord, all ye Gentiles3
Byrd, WilliamVariations on The Tune "Walsingham"1
Byrd, WilliamThis day Christ was born1
Byrd, WilliamMagnificat Tonus Peregrinus2
Byrd, WilliamMass for five voices6
CacciniAve Maria1
CalderaLaboravi in gemitu meo1
Campbell, HilaryO lux beata trinitas1
CampkinO nata lux2
CampkinSong of a Man Who Has Come Through1
Carter, AndrewA Maiden most Gentle4
Carter, AndrewAngelus ad Virginem1
Carter, AndrewRejoice in the Lord alway1
Carter, AndrewJoy is come2
Carter, AndrewBenedicite1
Carter, AndrewFor the beauty of the Earth1
Carter/Hudson arr.
Kirby Shaw
Goodnight Sweetheart4
CasalsO vos omnes2
Cashian, PhilipAll things wear silence2
Celia McDowellResponses1
Chambers, C.S.V.New Hall Grace1
Chaminade, CécileConcertino5
Chandler, MaryBadinages1
CharltonBring Us Good Ale1
Charpentier, Marc-AntoineMesse de Minuit pour Noel1
Charpentier, Marc-Antoinein D1
Charpentier, Marc-AntoineSalve puerule1
Chilcott, BobMid Winter2
Chilcott, BobSwan song No 11
Chilcott, BobGod so loved the World2
Chilcott, BobSwan Songs1
Chilcott, BobA Child1
Chilcott, BobAn Irish Blessing2
Chilcott, BobA Little Jazz Mass2
Chilcott, BobFor Him all Stars have Shone1
Chilcott, BobStreetseller1
Chilcott, BobWhere Riches is Everlastingly1
Chilcott, BobWere you there?1
Chilcott, BobThe Lily and the Rose2
Chilcott, BobLove Divine1
Chilcott, BobLondon Bells1
Chilcott, Bob12 Days of Christmas4
Chilcott, BobPsalm 1507
Chilcott, BobRequiem2
ChopinNocturne for piano in B major Op. 621
ChopinPiano Concert No 1 in E minor (Romanze)1
ChopinThree Mazurka (op 17 no 4, op 24 no 1, op 63 no 3)1
ClarkeBreaking the Century1
Clarke, JeremiahPraise the Lord, O Jerusalem1
ClausenTonight, eternity alone5
ClausenTonight, eternity alone1
Clemens (non Papa), JacobusO Maria vernans rosa1
Clemens (non Papa), JacobusMagnificat Quarti Toni2
Clemens (non Papa), JacobusEgo flos campi3
Clemens (non Papa), JacobusPrière devant le repas1
CoatesLondon Suite1
Cooke, ArnoldRondo1
Cooke, PhillipInvocation1
Cooke, Phillip Three Part Songs1
Coombs (SE 1947) A babe is born2
CoplandAppalachian Spring1
CoplandQuiet City1
CoplandFour Motets1
CoplandHoedown from Rodeo1
CorelliConcerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 3 in C minor1
CorelliChristmas Concerto3
Cornelius, PeterDie Könige2
Cornelius, PeterThe Three Kings7
Cornysh, MichaelSalve Regina9
CorpWeep you no more sad fountains1
Couperin arr.
Invitation á louer Dieu1
Cox, BenjaminEuphonium Concerto in C major1
CroceTristis est anima mea1
CroftGod is gone up with a merry noise1
CroftO Lord, rebuke me not1
CroftFuneral Sentences1
CrotchLo! Star-led chiefs4
CurtisOverture (Open Road)1
DanziWind Quintet in B-flat major, Op 56 No. 1 - 2nd
mvt � Andante con moto
Darkein F10
DarkeThe eyes of all wait on thee2
DarkeIn the Bleak Midwinter4
Dave Brubeck arr.
Charles Saye
It's about time1
DavidTrombone Concertino1
Davis arr SparkeChampions1
DawsonSoon ah will be done2
DawsonSoonah will be done wi' de troubles ob de worl'1
de Falla arr. Bran
Ritual Fire Dance1
de Flecha el Viejo, MateoRiu riu chiu1
de MeijExtreme Make-over1
de MeijThe Lord of the Rings Symphony (Journey in the
de MeijThe Lord of the Rings1
de MonteSuper flumina Babylonis2
de Morales, ChristóbelRegina coeli3
de Morales, ChristóbelEcce virgo concipiet1
De Sermisy, ClaudinTant que vivrai2
Debussy, ClaudeDieu! qu'il la fait bon regarder2
Debussy, ClaudeThree Nocturnes3
Debussy, ClaudePetit Nègre4
Debussy, ClaudePrélude à l'Après-midi d'un
Debussy, ClaudePetite Suite1
Delibes, LéoLakmé (Flower Duet)1
Delibes, LéoLakmé (Flower duet)1
DeliusSleigh Ride1
DeliusTwo Aquarelles1
DeliusSummer Evening1
DeliusIn a summer garden1
DeliusThe Walk to the Paradise Garden1
DeliusSpring Morning1
DeliusSong of Summer2
DeringFactum est silentium4
DeringJubilate Deo1
Des PresQui habitat3
Des PresAve Maria1
Desprez, JosquinGaude virgo mater Christi1
Desprez, JosquinTu solus qui facis mirabilia2
Didbin, CharlesTom Bowling1
Dinesin D minor1
DohanayiVariations on a Nursery Song1
Dove, JonathanSeek him that maketh the seven stars11
Dove, JonathanInto thy hands1
Dove, JonathanEcce beatam lucem1
Dove, JonathanIn beauty may I walk1
Dove, JonathanThe Far Theatricals of Day2
Dove, JonathanWellcome, all wonders in one sight2
DowlandWhere sin sore wounding1
DowlandCan she excuse my wrongs1
DowlandCome away, come sweet love1
DoyleIn Pace (Hamlet)1
DringTrio for Flute, Oboe and Piano1
Dufay, GuillaumeMissa á61
DukasFanfare: La Peri1
Dunachie, LiamSomewhere over the rainbow6
Dunn, F. VivianCockleshell Heroes1
Durham, MatildaThe Promised Land1
Duruflé, MauriceTota pulchra es4
Duruflé, MauriceMesse Cum jubilo1
Duruflé, MauriceTu es Petrus2
Duruflé, MauriceRequiem13
Duruflé, MauriceNotre père2
Duruflé, MauriceQuatre Motets sur des thèmes
Duruflé, MauriceTantum Ergo2
Duruflé, MauriceUbi Caritas14
Dvorak, AntonínSymphony No 83
Dvorak, AntonínCello Concerto in B minor3
Dvorak, AntonínThe Noonday Witch1
Dvorak, AntonínRusalka (Song to the Moon)1
Dvorak, AntonínSymphony No 73
Dvorak, AntonínMass in D5
Dvorak, AntonínSlavonic Dance Op 46 No 2,82
Dvorak, AntonínStabat mater2
Dvorak, AntonínSymphony No 5 (New World)1
Dvorak, AntonínFour Choruses Op 291
Dvorak, AntonínSlavonic Dance No 81
Dvorak, AntonínCarnival Overture1
Dvorak, AntonínSymphony No 9 in E minor (From the New World)2
Dvorak, AntonínHussite Overture1
Dvorak, AntonínSlavonic Dance Op 46 No 11
Dvorak, AntonínTe Deum2
Dvorak, AntonínSerenade for Winds1
Dvorak, AntonínSonatina in G major for Violin and Piano, Op. 100
Dvorak, AntonínSlavonic Dances Nos 1-4,7,81
Dvorak, AntonínSymphony No 62
Dyer, JacobFlying1
Dyer, JacobOn the Shoulders of Giants1
Dysonin F3
DysonLet all the world in every corner sing1
Dysonin C minor2
Dysonin D10
Ešenvalds, ĒriksEvening1
Ešenvalds, ĒriksLet the people praise thee, O God13
Ešenvalds, ĒriksAmazing grace11
Ešenvalds, ĒriksO Salutaris Hostia3
Ešenvalds, ĒriksA drop in the ocean11
Ešenvalds, ĒriksO Emmanuel1
Ešenvalds, ĒriksOnly in Sleep3
Ešenvalds, ĒriksTe deum1
Earl, DavidTrumpet Concerto1
EccardPresentation of Christ in the Temple4
EccardMaria walt zum Heiligtum2
EinfeldeVakars (Evening)3
EinfeldeLūgšana (Prayer)5
EinfeldeDebess (Heaven)1
EinfeldeVakars (Evening)1
EinfeldeDebess (Heaven)3
EinfeldeLūgšana (Prayer)1
ElgarGreat is the Lord19
ElgarThe Wind at Dawn1
ElgarThe Music Makers1
ElgarThe Dream of Gerontius1
ElgarEnigma Variations2
ElgarFear not, O land1
ElgarLight of Life Oratorio1
ElgarCoronation Ode: Land of Hope and Glory1
ElgarGive unto the Lord5
ElgarSpirit of England1
ElgarAs torrents in summer4
ElgarNational Anthem1
ElgarHow calmly the evening2
ElgarCello Concerto in E minor1
ElgarPomp and Circumstance March No 42
ElgarThe Spirit of the Lord is upon me10
ElgarCockaigne Overture3
ElgarSerenade for Strings4
ElgarIn the South3
ElgarViolin Concerto1
ElgarChanson de Matin2
ElgarPomp and Circumstance March No 14
ElgarSongs from the Bavarian Highlands2
ElgarChanson de Nuit1
EllerbyParis Sketches2
Ellington, Edward Kennedy 'Duke'Mood Indigo3
Elton John arr. K
Circle of Life1
Esquivel, JuanVox clamantis1
FarkasEarly Hungarian Dances from C17th1
Farmer, JohnFair nymphs, I heard one telling2
Farmer, JohnFair Phyllis I saw6
Farrant, RichardHide not thou thy face2
Farrant, RichardLord, for thy tender mercy's sake8
Farrant, RichardO sacrum convivium1
FarringtonThe Blues Service1
FauréRequiem (Pie Jesu)1
FauréMorceau de concours1
FauréMesse Basse2
FauréAprès un rêve2
FauréIn Paradisum (Thin Red Line)1
FauréIn Paradisum (Requiem)2
FauréRequiem (Sanctus)1
FauréCantique de Jean Racine12
FauréRequiem (SSA)1
FauréRequiem (Pie Jesu)2
FauréMasques et Bergamasques1
FauréCantique de Jean Racine1
Fayrfax, RobertLauda vivi Alpha et O1
FerkoO vis aeternitatis3
FerkoO virtus sapientiae1
FerkoCaritas abundat1
FerkoO vis aeternitatis1
FerkoO virtus sapientiae3
FerkoCaritas abundat5
Fernando, SamanthaChange2
FilsellO be joyful in the Lord2
Finn, BenAsante 461
FinziPrelude for String Orchestra1
FinziO Fair to See (song cycle)2
FinziHaste on, my joys!2
FinziLo, the full, final Sacrifice9
FinziAs I lay in the early sun1
FinziI praise the tender flower3
FinziMy spirit sang all day4
FinziO Fair to see2
FinziRomance for String Orchestra1
FinziGod is gone up13
FissingerLux aeterna1
FissingerLux aeterna3
Flanders and SwannIll Wind1
Flecha, MateoRiu, riu chiu1
Foster, MickHamlet Stories1
Fradkin'Slutchaynyy Vals' Unexpected Waltz 1
Franck, CesarPanis Angelicus5
Franck, CesarPièce héroïque3
Frenkel'Zhuravli' Cranes1
GabrieliCanzona a 142
GabrieliBeata es virgo1
GabrieliIn ecclesiis a 152
GabrieliCanzona duodecima toni a 102
GabrieliO sacrum convivium1
GabrieliSonata a 222
GabrieliDeus qui beatum Marcum a 102
GabrieliMagnificat a 332
GabrieliMaria virgo a 102
GabrieliCanzon Primi Toni, for 8 parts from Sacrae
GabrieliBeata es, virgo Maria a 62
GabrieliMagnificat a 81
GabrieliJubilate Deo2
GabrieliOmnes gentes a 162
GardnerTomorrow shall be my dancing day2
GardnerWhen Christ was born of Mary Free1
GaubertNocturne and Allegro Scherzando1
Gauntlett arr.
Once in royal David's city6
GermanNell Gwyn1
GershwinPiano Concerto2
GershwinI got rhythm2
GershwinRhapsody in Blue2
GershwinFive Songs1
GershwinPorgy and Bess Symphonic Picture1
GershwinA Gershwin Portrait1
GershwinAn American in Paris2
GershwinFunny Face Overture1
GesualdoO vos omnes1
Gibbons, OrlandoHosanna to the Son of David3
Gibbons, OrlandoNunc dimittis (Short Service)1
Gibbons, OrlandoO Lord, in thy wrath2
Gibbons, OrlandoShort Service22
Gibbons, OrlandoTe Deum (Short Service)1
Gibbons, OrlandoDrop, Drop Slow Tears3
Gibbons, OrlandoThe Silver Swan12
Gibbons, OrlandoO Clap your hands together1
Gibbons, OrlandoDainty fine bird1
Gibbons, OrlandoIf ye be risen again with Christ2
Gibbons, Orlandoin A flat1
Gibbons, OrlandoO God, the King of Glory1
Gibbons, OrlandoO Clap your hands together9
Gibbons, OrlandoThis Is the Record of John1
Gibbons, OrlandoSo God loved the world1
Gibbons, OrlandoSecond Service8
Gibbons, OrlandoSee, see the word is incarnate3
Gibbons, OrlandoAlmighty and Everlasting God10
GibbsI heard a Maiden softly sing2
Gilbert and SullivanDance the Cachucca (The Gondoliers)1
Gilbert and SullivanExcerpts from 'The Pirates of Penzance'1
Gilbert and SullivanOpretta cf Iolanthe (libretto Lewis Reynolds)1
Gilbert and SullivanIolanthe (March of the Peers)1
Gilbert and SullivanRuddigore2
Gilkyson, TerryThe Bare Necessities1
GjeiloUbi Caritas4
GjeiloTota pulchra es1
GlazunovSummer (The Seasons)1
GlinkaRuslan and Ludmila Overture1
GlinkaThe Cherubic Hymn2
GolovanovOtche nash8
GoodallThe Lord is my shepherd2
GoodallLove divine, all loves excelling2
GoodallPsalm 23 (theme from Vicar of Dibley)2
GoodenoughBlessed be that maid Mary1
GorbThoughts Scribbled on a Blank Wall2
GorbBuenos Aires1
GorbScenes from an English Landscape1
GossO Saviour of the world2
GossSee amid the winter's snow1
Gounod, CharlesFuneral March of a Marionette1
Gounod, CharlesPetite Symphonie (final movement)1
GowersViri Galilei2
GraingerO mistress mine1
GraingerAustralian up country song11
GraingerIrish folk tune from County Derry8
GraingerIrish Tune from County Derry/Shepherd's Hey1
GraingerOver the hills and far away1
GraingerShallow Brown1
GraingerLincolnshire Posy1
Grandi, AlessandroO porta caeli2
Gray, AlanThe soldier1
Gray, Alanin F5
Grayston IvesListen, sweet dove4
Grayston IvesEdington Service5
Greaves, ThomasCome away, sweet love1
Green, Rogerin D1
GreeneO clap your hands together3
GreeneOde for St Cecilia1
Grieg, EdvardSymphonic Dances2
Grieg, EdvardPeer Gynt Suite1
Grieg, EdvardHolberg Suite1
Grieg, EdvardNorwegian Dances2
Grieg, EdvardPiano Concerto4
Grieg, EdvardWedding Day at Troldhaugen1
Grieg, EdvardAve maris stella3
Grieg, EdvardSolveig's Song2
Grier, FrancisThree Devotions (Christ's Love Song)1
Grier, FrancisThree Devotions (King of the Friday)1
Grier, FrancisThree Devotions (Corpus Christi Carol)1
Grier, FrancisSword in the Soul1
Grundman, ClareHebrides Suite1
GuerreroLauda Jerusalem Dominum1
GuerreroConfiteor tibi1
GuerreroCanite tuba in Sion1
GuerreroIn sabbatis1
GuerreroMagnificat tone iv2
GuerreroVeni Domine et noli tardare1
GuerreroAve, Virgo Sanctissima6
GuestFor the fallen7
GuilmantOrgan Symphony1
GuzmanCantemos a Maria2
HadleyMy beloved spake2
Hagen, JocelynBenedictus1
Hairston, JesterMary's Boy Child1
HalleyWhat stood will stand1
Hamilton, DavidThe First Christmas1
Hamilton, DavidWalk you in the light1
HamlischWhat I did for love (A Chorus Line)1
Handel, Georg FridericTell it out among the heathen1
Handel, Georg FridericChandos Anthem No 7 - My song shall be alway2
Handel, Georg FridericChandos Anthem No 6 - As pants the Hart for
cooling streams
Handel, Georg FridericThe King Shall Rejoice4
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: Your Voices
Handel, Georg FridericArias from L'Allegro, il Penseroso ed il Moderato1
Handel, Georg FridericUtrecht Te Deum2
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - Psalm 68: Let God Arise1
Handel, Georg FridericMy mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord1
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - Psalm 68: Sonata 1
Handel, Georg FridericAnd the glory of the Lord2
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: Ye Boundless
Realms Of Joy
Handel, Georg FridericUtrecht Jubilate1
Handel, Georg FridericMy Song Shall Be Alway: The Heav'ns Are Thine1
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - Psalm 68: O Sing Unto God 1
Handel, Georg FridericJoshua1
Handel, Georg FridericThere is sprung up a light for the righteous1
Handel, Georg FridericJeptha ('Waft her, Angels')1
Handel, Georg FridericChandos Anthem No 8 - O come let us sing unto the
Handel, Georg FridericI know that my Redeemer liveth2
Handel, Georg FridericLet their celestial concerts all unite2
Handel, Georg FridericLet the bright Seraphim1
Handel, Georg FridericConcerto Grosso in F, Op 6 No 91
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - Psalm 68: Like As The Smoke
Handel, Georg FridericMusic for the Royal Fireworks 2
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: Praise Him,
All Ye That In His House
Handel, Georg FridericThou art the glory of their strength1
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: With Cheerful
Notes Let All The Earth
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: With Cheerful
Notes Let All The Earth
Handel, Georg FridericGlory and worship are before him2
Handel, Georg FridericMy Song Shall Be Alway: Sonata1
Handel, Georg FridericChandos Anthem No 5 - I will magnify thee1
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - Psalm 68: Let The Righteous Be
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: Ye Boundless
Realms Of Joy
Handel, Georg FridericMessiah (He was despised)1
Handel, Georg FridericMy Song Shall Be Alway: Righteousness And Equity
Are The Habitation
Handel, Georg FridericArrival of the Queen of Sheba1
Handel, Georg FridericI will magnify thee, O God my King2
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: For This Our
Truest Int'rest Is
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - Blessed be God, Alleluja1
Handel, Georg FridericO come let us sing unto the Lord2
Handel, Georg FridericThou art the glory of their strength3
Handel, Georg FridericMy Song Shall Be Alway: My Song Shall Be Alway1
Handel, Georg FridericMessiah15
Handel, Georg FridericLet Thy Hand Be Strengthened1
Handel, Georg FridericChandos Anthem No 11 - Let God arise2
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - Psalm 68: Praised Be The Lord!1
Handel, Georg FridericFoundling Hospital Anthem1
Handel, Georg FridericDixit Dominus1
Handel, Georg FridericMessiah (Worthy is the Lamb)1
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - Blessed be God, Alleluja2
Handel, Georg FridericMessiah (Part 1)3
Handel, Georg FridericPut thy trust in God1
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: That God Is
Great We Often Have
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: O Praise The
Lord With One Consent
Handel, Georg FridericOde for St Cecilia's Day 2
Handel, Georg FridericChandos Anthems1
Handel, Georg FridericMessiah (Hallelujah Chorus)4
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - At thy rebuke1
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - Blessed be God, Alleluja1
Handel, Georg FridericMy Song Shall Be Alway: For Who Is He Among The
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: Your Voices
Handel, Georg FridericMessiah ('Comfort Ye' and 'Every Valley')1
Handel, Georg FridericChandos Anthem No 9 - O praise the Lord with one
Handel, Georg FridericAs pants the hart3
Handel, Georg FridericIn the voice of praise and thanksgiving1
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: God's Tender
Mercy Knows No Bounds
Handel, Georg FridericMy Song Shall Be Alway: Righteousness And Equity
Are The Habitation
Handel, Georg FridericJudas Maccabaeus (O Lovely Peace)2
Handel, Georg FridericO Praise The Lord With One Consent: O Praise The
Lord With One Consent
Handel, Georg FridericWater Music Suite3
Handel, Georg FridericMy Song Shall Be Alway: God Is Very Greatly To Be
Handel, Georg FridericOverture to the Occasional Oratorio1
Handel, Georg FridericMy Heart is Inditing4
Handel, Georg FridericZadok the Priest17
Handel, Georg FridericMessiah (Excerpts)1
Handel, Georg FridericLet God Arise - Psalm 68: O Sing Unto God 2
HandlO Beata Trinitas8
HandlEcce concipies1
HandlMissa Ich stund' an einem Morgen1
HandlEcce quomodo2
HandlResonet in Laudibus1
HandySt Louis Blues March1
HansonA Prayer of the Middle Ages1
Hardiman, RonanLord of the Dance2
HarleyBlessed art thou, Mary1
HarperChorister's Prayer1
HarrisBring us, O Lord God11
HarrisHoly is the true light4
HarrisBehold the Tabernacle1
HarrisFaire is the heaven17
HarveyI love the Lord2
HarveyCome, Holy Ghost4
Harwoodin A flat2
HasslerCanzona a 82
HasslerCantate Domino1
HasslerDixit Maria1
HawleyTwo Motets (Mosella, Te Vigilans Oculis)1
HawleyTwo Motets (Mosella, Te Vigilans Oculis)3
Haydn, JosephThe Creation3
Haydn, JosephKleine Orgelmesse7
Haydn, JosephMissa Sancti Nicolai1
Haydn, JosephSymphony No 1042
Haydn, JosephSymphony No 441
Haydn, JosephThe Seasons1
Haydn, JosephThe Creation (mvts 11,30,31)1
Haydn, JosephThe Creation (The Heavens are Telling)4
Haydn, JosephWith verdure clad8
Haydn, JosephSymphony No 45 'Farewell'1
Haydn, JosephSymphony No 1031
Haydn, JosephThe Creation (The Heavens are Telling)1
Haydn, JosephThe Creation (Parts 1 and 2)1
Haydn, JosephMissa in Angustiis ('Nelson' Mass)7
Haydn, JosephSymphony No 1021
Haydn, JosephDouble Horn Concerto1
Haydn, JosephMissa in tempore belli2
Haydn, JosephTrumpet Concerto2
Haydn, JosephSymphony No 88 in G1
Haydn, JosephInsanae et vanae curae2
Head, MichaelThe Little Road to Bethlehem3
Head, MichaelThe Singer2
Hesketh, KennethWhirlegig1
HewsonCrossing the Bar1
HildrethA Colchester Overture4
Hilton, JohnConfitemini Domino13
Hindemith, PaulUn cygne1
HoffmeisterViola Concerto in D major1
Holman, DerekMary is a lady bright1
HolstChoral Hymns from the Rig Vega. Third Group: Hymn
to the Waters
HolstNunc Dimittis (Double Choir)44
Holst1st Suite2
HolstThis have I done for my true love1
Holst2nd Suite2
HolstSt Paul's Suite - 1st mvt3
HolstI Love my Love1
HolstChoral Hymns from the Rig Vega. Third Group: Hymn
to Vena (Sun rising through the mist)
HolstBeni Mora; Oriental Suite1
HolstChoral Hymns from the Rig Vega. Third Group: Hymn
to Vena (Sun rising through the mist)
HolstMatthew, Mark, Luke and John1
HolstThe Planets1
HolstChoral Hymns from the Rig Vega. Third Group: Hymn
of the Travellers
HolstChoral Hymns from the Rig Vega. Third Group: Hymn
of the Travellers
HolstAve Maria1
HolstHymn of Jesus1
HolstSwansea Town8
HolstSuite in E-flat1
HolstChoral Hymns from the Rig Vega. Third Group: Hymn
to the Dawn
HolstBring us in good ale1
HolstChoral Hymns from the Rig Vega. Third Group: Hymn
to the Dawn
HolstI Sowed the Seeds of Love1
HolstChoral Hymns from the Rig Vega. Third Group: Hymn
to the Waters
HooperO thou God almighty1
Hovhaness Return and Rebuild the Desolate Places (Concerto
for trumpet and wind symphony)
Howells, HerbertI will lift up my eyes2
Howells, HerbertPsalm 1214
Howells, HerbertO pray for the peace of Jerusalem1
Howells, HerbertCollegium Regale30
Howells, HerbertDallas Service1
Howells, HerbertTake him, earth, for cherishing20
Howells, HerbertRequiem aeternam I3
Howells, HerbertSarum Service1
Howells, HerbertPsalm 235
Howells, HerbertSt Paul's Service25
Howells, HerbertJubilate Collegium Regale2
Howells, HerbertI love all beauteous things1
Howells, HerbertWinchester Service3
Howells, HerbertChichester Service2
Howells, HerbertRequiem6
Howells, HerbertA Hymn for St Cecilia15
Howells, HerbertThe Lord is my shepherd3
Howells, HerbertHere is the little door3
Howells, HerbertResponses6
Howells, Herbertin G1
Howells, Herbertin B minor1
Howells, HerbertCome Sing and Dance2
Howells, HerbertO Saviour of the world3
Howells, HerbertRegina coeli2
Howells, HerbertSalve Regina8
Howells, HerbertI heard a voice from heaven16
Howells, HerbertTe Deum Collegium Regale3
Howells, HerbertCollegium Regale (Magnificat)1
Howells, HerbertOne thing I have desired of the Lord1
Howells, HerbertWorcester Service3
Howells, HerbertA Spotless Rose6
Howells, HerbertLike as the hart8
Howells, HerbertRequiem aeternam II4
Howells, HerbertGloucester Service23
Howells, HerbertYork Service3
Howells, HerbertNunc Dimittis3
Howells, HerbertNew College1
Howells, HerbertAll our hope on God is founded1
Howells, HerbertBehold, O God, our defender5
Howells, HerbertWestminster Service2
Howie, PhilipFaeries' Aire and Death Waltz1
Hubbard, RichardNo Wind at the Window1
Hubbard, RichardHuron Carol1
Hubbard, RichardCoventry Carol1
Hubbard, RichardGabriel and Mary2
Hubbard, RichardAwake!1
Hughes, BernardThree Swans1
Hughes, BernardRest in Heaven1
Hummel, Johann NepomukConcerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in E flat2
HumperdinckHänsel und Gretel (Vorspiel)1
Ibert, JacquesTrois Pièces Brèves pour flute,
hautbois, clarinette, cor et basson 1st movement -
Irelandin F1
IrelandAdam lay y-bounden1
IrelandEx ore innocentium1
IrelandTe deum in F1
IrelandThe Hills1
IrelandGreater Love8
IsaacGustate et videte1
JackmanMichaeli Jacobo Service1
Jackson, GabrielYet we who neither burn nor shine4
Jackson, GabrielThe Spacious Firmament5
Jackson, GabrielSalve Regina1
Jackson, Francisin G5
Jackson, SamSet me as a seal1
Jackson, GabrielSalve Regina 21
Jackson, GabrielTo Morning1
Jackson, GabrielTruro Service3
Jackson HillSt Chad's Service1
JacobBrother James' Air (men's voices)1
JacquesAway in a manger2
JacquesRejoice and be merry1
JanacekHouse of the Dead1
Janacek'In the Mists'1
JenkinsThe Armed Man2
JenkinsThe Armed Man (Choral Suite)1
JenkinsAmate adea1
JenningsThe Call1
JohnThe Lion King (medley)1
John IV of PortugalCrux fidelis6
John WilliamsStar Wars - Main Theme1
John Williams arr.
de Meij
Star Wars Suite1
JohnsonAngele Dei1
Jones, RobertFarewell, dear love1
JongenFive solo songs1
JoplinMaple Leaf Rag1
JoplinEntertainer, Maple Leaf Rag, Peacherine Rag1
JosquinInviolata, integra et casta es, Maria1
JoubertO Lord, the maker of all thing3
JoubertThere is no rose2
KalinnikovBogoróditse Dévo1
Katherine Lucas arr
Winter Solstice1
KavalevskyComedians' Galop1
Keiser, ReinhardDialogus von der Geburt Christi1
KellyDone is a battell on a dragon blak2
Kendall, HannahNativity1
KernThe way you look tonight (Love's Labours Lost)1
KhatchaturianMasquerade Suite (Mvt 1)1
KhatchaturianThe Dolly Suite (Waltz)1
KhatchaturianAdagio from Spartacus1
King Henry VIIIPastime with good company31
KleppmannMysterious Star1
KnaggsHic est discipulus ille1
Knut NystedtThus Saith the Lord1
KodalyTe Deum1
KodalyViennese Musical Clock (Hary Janos)1
KodalyMissa Brevis1
KosmaAutumn leaves1
KuhnauTristis est anima mea1
LaiLove Story (Main theme)1
LaneO Praise the Lord1
Langlais, JeanMesse Solennelle2
Langlais, JeanMesse Solennelle (Kyrie, Sanctus)1
LangleyMedley: Love and Marriage1
LarkA Lover's Complaint3
LassusBy the waters of Babylon1
LassusSurgens Jesus3
LassusAve verum corpus6
LassusNunc Dimittis Octi Toni2
LassusMissa Bella Amfitri' altera4
LassusMagnificat Octi Toni3
LassusBonjour mon coeur (Good day, my heart)1
LassusMissa super Mon Coeur se recommande á vous1
LassusRegina caeli a 62
LassusMissa super 'Bell' Amfitrit' altera'1
LassusImproperium exspectavit cor meum1
LassusAdoramus te2
LassusTimor et tremor1
Lauridsen, MortenO magnum mysterium7
Lauridsen, MortenSure On This Shining Night12
Lauridsen, MortenO Nata Lux2
Lauridsen, MortenSa Nuit D'été9
Lauridsen, MortenNocturnes7
Le ThièreSylvia1
Leek, SAn Australian Christmas3
Lefébure-WélySortie in Eb1
LehárMerry Widow Waltz1
Leighton, KennethGive me the wings of faith4
Leighton, KennethSecond Service16
Leighton, KennethCrucifixus pro nobis4
Leighton, KennethCrucifixus pro nobis iv5
Leighton, KennethLully, lulla, thou little tiny child2
Leighton, KennethGod's Grandeur10
Leighton, KennethMagdalene Service1
Leighton, KennethMissa Brevis6
Leighton, KennethLet all the world in every corner sing1
Leighton, KennethSarum Mass2
Leighton, KennethResponses74
Leighton, KennethMagdalen Service18
Leighton, KennethCrucifixus pro nobis iii1
Leighton, KennethDrop, drop, slow tears4
Leighton, KennethWhat love is this of thine?9
Leighton, KennethAn Easter Sequence1
Leighton, KennethCrucifixus pro nobis ii1
Leighton JonesO lux beata Trinitas2
Leighton JonesAnthem for the Feast of any Healer1
Lennon and McCartney
arr. Grit
Lennon/McCartneyAll you need is love1
Lerner and LoeweCamelot (Selection)1
LeyPrayer of King Henry VI2
Liadov, AnatoleBaba Yaga1
Liadov, AnatoleEight Russian Folksongs1
LinleyO bid your faithful Ariel fly2
LisztPiano Concerto No 11
LisztAve verum1
LisztO sacrum convivium1
LisztDie Seligkeiten2
LisztLes Preludes1
Littlewood, JosephChristmas Eve1
Lloyd WebberPie Jesu1
Lloyd WebberJoseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat1
Lloyd WebberDon't cry for me Argentina (Evita)1
Lloyd WebberSymphonic Reflections4
LoboAve Maria1
LoboVersa est in luctum7
LockeLord, rebuke me not1
LoosemoreO Lord, increase my faith6
LottiCrucifixus à 81
LottiMass in D minor1
LottiRegina caeli3
LottiCrucifixus à 812
LumsdenLichfield Fauxbourdons4
LutoslawskiConcerto for Orchestra1
LynchGraphic of the Petenera2
MackyTe harinui1
MacMillanO Radiant Dawn4
MacMillanBenedicimus Deum caeli1
MacMillanA new song3
MacMillanChristus vincit8
MacMillanQui meditabitur1
MacMillanCantos Sagrados1
MacMillanThe gallant Weaver5
MacRae, StuartTwo Cairns1
Mahler, GustavSymphony No 81
Mahler, GustavAdagietto (Symphony No 5)1
Mahler, GustavSymphony No 11
Mahler, GustavSymphony No 52
Mahler, GustavDes Knaben Wunderhorn2
ManciniMoon River4
ManciniPink Panther2
ManciniPennywhistle Jig1
MansfieldBlow, blow thou Winter Wind1
ManzE'en so Lord Jesus quickly come14
MarchantThe souls of the righteous2
MarenzioCantibus organis1
MarenzioO Rex Gloriae1
MarenzioMagnificat Octavi Toni1
MarenzioGabriel Angelus1
MarlowFinal Responses116
MarlowVeni Creator Spiritus1
MarlowAdvent Matins Responsory6
MarlowFeast Responses2
Marshall, WayneService in C1
Marston, NicholasOculi omnium1
Martin, BarnabyAnd now let us go1
Martin, FrankMass for double choir (Gloria)1
Martin, FrankMass for double choir19
Martin, BarnabyA Vision in a Dream1
Martin, FrankMass for double choir (Agnus Dei)3
Martin, BarnabyThe Oxen1
Martin, FrankI See Heaven1
Martin, FrankMass for double choir (Credo)1
Martin, MatthewI saw the Lord2
Martin, FrankMass for double choir1
Martin, FrankMass for double choir (Kyrie)1
Martinu, BohuslavColumbine's Dance1
Martland, SteveDarwin2
MathiasSir Christèmas2
MathiasJesus Service7
Matthew Wilder /
David Zippel
Ill Make a Man out of You1
Mawby, ColinCaro mea1
Mawby, ColinStabat sancta1
Mawby, ColinPrayer of forgiveness1
Mawby, ColinChristus vincit1
Mawby, ColinAlleluia, Virgo Maria1
Mawby, ColinNine Marian Anthems2
Mawby, ColinAve verum1
Mawby, ColinFelix es1
Mawby, ColinNativitas gloriosae1
Mawby, ColinAve Maria1
Mawby, ColinTota pulchra es, Maria1
Mawby, ColinJesus Christ the apple tree1
Mawby, ColinAlleluia, Christus resurrexit1
Mawby, ColinVirga Jesse floruit1
Mawby, ColinFun Gloria1
Mawby, ColinNunc dimittis1
Mawby, ColinSignum magnum apparuit1
McCartney arr.
Robert Rice, Paul
The long and winding road6
Mealor, PaulUbi caritas1
Mealor, PaulNow Sleeps the Crimson Petal6
Mendelssohn, FelixE minor violin concerto1
Mendelssohn, FelixSix Christmas Pieces1
Mendelssohn, FelixWedding March1
Mendelssohn, FelixViolin Concerto in E minor2
Mendelssohn, FelixMein Gott, warum hast du mich verlassen?1
Mendelssohn, FelixIn der Passionszeit1
Mendelssohn, FelixWarum toben die Heiden2
Mendelssohn, FelixHebrides Overture2
Mendelssohn, FelixHeilig ist Gott der Herr Zebaoth2
Mendelssohn, FelixWhen Jesus Our Lord was Born1
Mendelssohn, FelixSymphony No 3 'The Scottish'2
Mendelssohn, FelixSymphony No 4 'Italian' (Allegro Vivace)1
Mendelssohn, FelixVerleih uns Frieden1
Mendelssohn, FelixHymn of Praise2
Mendelssohn, FelixMass1
Mendelssohn, FelixIm Advent1
Mendelssohn, FelixA Midsummer Night's Dream3
Mendelssohn, FelixElijah3
Mendelssohn, FelixRichte mich, Gott, und führe meine Sache28
Mendelssohn, FelixHear my prayer4
Mendelssohn, FannySehnsucht1
Mendelssohn, FelixOktett1
Mendelssohn, FelixAm Charfreitage1
Mendelssohn, FelixNocturne (A Midsummer Night's Dream)1
Mendelssohn, FelixEhre sei Gott in der Höhe2
Mendelssohn, FelixPiano Trio No 1 in D minor1
Mendelssohn, FelixO Rest in the Lord (Elijah)1
Mendelssohn, FelixWo ist der neugeborne König der Juden1
Mendelssohn, FelixHow lovely are the Messengers1
Mendelssohn, FelixLift thine eyes3
Mendelssohn, FelixHark, the herald angels sing6
MerbeckeGloria, Agnus Dei1
MessaienO sacrum convivium1
Messiaen, OlivierO sacrum convivium4
MiškinisAngelis suis Deus1
MiškinisPater noster3
MiškinisPater noster1
MiškinisAngelis suis Deus28
Michael Giacchino
(arr. J Bocook)
Symphonic Suite from Star Trek 1
Milhaud, DariusConcerto for Marimba and Vibraphone1
Milhaud, DariusLe Boeuf sur le Toit1
Milton, JohnI am the Resurrection and the life (à 5)1
Milton, JohnO Lord, behold my miseries (à 5)1
Milton, JohnWhen David heard that Absalom was slaine (à
Milton, JohnIf ye love me (à 4)1
Milton, JohnI am the Resurrection and the life (à 5)3
Milton, JohnThou God of might (à 4)1
Milton, JohnPsalm 138 (York Tune, second setting) (à 4)1
Milton, JohnPsalm 102 (Norwich Tune) (à 4)1
Milton, JohnIf ye love me (à 4)2
Milton, JohnPsalm 27 (York Tune, first setting) (à 4)1
Milton, JohnIf that a sinner's sighes (à 5)1
Milton, JohnO woe is me for thee (à 5)1
Milton, John(Second part) She weepeth continually (à 6)1
Milton, JohnHow doth the holy City (à 6)1
Milton, JohnO had I wings like to a dove (à 5)1
Molchanov'Zhdi menya' Wait for me 1
Molchanov'Vot soldaty idut'1
MonteverdiCantate Domino6
MonteverdiConfitebor tibi1
MonteverdiMagnificat a 82
MonteverdiMissa in illo tempore (Sanctus)1
MonteverdiVespers (1610)2
MonteverdiBeatus vir9
MonteverdiDixit dominus from Vespers1
MonteverdiSelve morale e spirituale1
MoragoNunc dimittis1
Morales / GarbarekParce mihi, Domine1
MorganA Palm Sunday Antiphon1
Morley, ThomasSing we and chant it4
Morley, ThomasMagnificat Tone I1
Morley, ThomasNow is the month of maying4
Morley, ThomasNow is the month of maying13
Morley, ThomasNolo mortem peccatoris2
Morley, ThomasApril is in my mistress' face7
Morley, ThomasFauxbourdons on Tone V2
Morley, ThomasLo, here another love1
Morley, ThomasI love, alas, I love thee2
Morley, ThomasNunc Dimittis Tone VII1
Morley, ThomasSweet nymph, come to thy lover1
MossFloral Dance1
Mothersole, WilfredAilwin Responses1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSerenade in E flat major2
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSymphony No 34 in C1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDivertimento for Strings No 11
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusHorn Concerto No 2 in E flat2
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSerenade No 10 for 13 wind1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDivertimento No 82
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusClarinet concerto3
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDer Schauspieldirektor1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMissa in C (Spatzenmesse)1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusEine Kleine Nachtmusik2
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusOverture to 'Idomeneo'1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSoave sia il vento1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusRequiem6
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusViolin Concerto No 51
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusPiano Concerto No 9 in E flat1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSymphony No 321
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusHorn Concerto No 3 in E flat1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDie Zauberflöte (Overtüre)1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusCoronation Mass4
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusVesperae solennes de confessore1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDie Zauberflöte1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusPiano Concert No 20 in D minor3
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusPiano Concerto No 231
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMass in C minor2
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusFlute Concerto 1 (Mvt 1)1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMissa Brevis in D2
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSleigh Ride1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusOboe Concerto in C major1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusLa Clamenza di Tito (Ah, perdona al primo affetto)1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusAve verum3
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusThe Magic Flute (Extracts)1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusLa Clamenza di Tito (Overture)1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSancta Maria1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSpatzenmesse1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSinfonia Concertante for Violin and Viola1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusDon Giovanni (Overture)2
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusFlute Concerto in D1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusMissa Brevis in F1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusFlute and Harp Concerto1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusExsultate Jubilate (Alleluja)1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusHorn Concerto in D1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusExsultate Jubilate (Tu virginum corona, recit and
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusSymphony No 41 'Jupiter'1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusExsultate Jubilate2
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusThe Marriage of Figaro (Overture)1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusPiano Concerto No 23 (Allegro Assai)1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusGreat Mass in C1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusPiano Concerto No 27 in B flat1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusConcerto for Flute and Harp (Mvt 3)1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusPiano Quintet1
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus'Prague' Symphony1
Mozart, Wolfgang AmadeusVoi che sapete1
MuddLet thy merciful ears1
MundyVox Patris Caelestis1
MundyI lift my heart to thee1
MundyO Lord the maker of all thing1
Murrillin E3
MussorgskyCoronation Scene (Boris Godunov)1
MussorgskyPictures at an Exhibition2
MussorgskyNight on a Bare Mountain2
MussorgskyPromenade and Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks1
MussorgskyKhovanschina (Prelude - Dawn on the Moscow River)1
MyersCavatina (Deer Hunter)1
Neumann, MonikaRondo di quindici1
Nichollsin D1
Nickol, PeterNew Year1
NielsenAladdin Suite1
NielsenSpringtime in Funen1
NielsenHelios Overture1
NikolaiMerry Wives of Windsor Overture2
Noblein A minor1
Noblein B minor11
Norris, WilliamRumplestiltskin (Overture)1
Novikov'Dorogyi' The Roads1
Nozhkin'Posledniy Boi' The Last Battle1
O'ReganCare-charminge sleepe7
O'ReganNunc dimittis (Double Choir)2
O'ReganThe Night's Untruth1
O'ReganVoce mea3
O'ReganPuer natus est1
ObrechtSalve Regina1
OckeghemMissa L'homme armé (Kyrie)1
OckeghemMissa prolationum (Sanctus, Agnus Dei)1
Offenbach, JacquesGalop infernal1
Offenbach, JacquesOrpheus in der Unterwelt2
Offenbach, JacquesOrpheus in the Underworld (Galop and Finale)1
OldroydThe Mass of the Quiet Hour1
Ord, BorisAdam lay ybounden3
Orff, CarlCarmina Burana1
Orff, CarlSong of the Sun1
Orr, RobinSymphony in One Movement1
Orthodox traditionalPsalm 21:3-4 (Prokimenon)2
Ostrowski, JeffreyMass of the English Martys1
Pärt, ArvoMorning Star3
Pärt, ArvoBogoróditse Djévo60
Pärt, ArvoNunc Dimittis3
Pärt, ArvoThe Beatitudes2
Pärt, ArvoMagnificat4
Pärt, ArvoSieben Magnificat-Antiphonen1
Page, ChristopherThe Sidney Carol1
PalestrinaTu es Petrus1
PalestrinaMagnus Sanctus Paulus1
PalestrinaMissa Lauda Sion1
PalestrinaO beata Trinitas1
PalestrinaDescendi in hortum meum1
PalestrinaHodie Christus natus est1
PalestrinaMissa brevis3
PalestrinaTota pulchra es anima mea1
PalestrinaSalve Regina1
PalestrinaMagnificat Octi Toni3
PalestrinaAve regina caelorum1
PalestrinaRegina caeli1
PalestrinaSitivit anima mea1
PalestrinaHomo quidam fecit coenam magnam1
PalestrinaSuper flumina babylonis1
PalestrinaMissa Papae Marcelli1
PalestrinaNigra sum1
PalestrinaSicut lilium inter spinas1
PalestrinaSicut cervus5
PalestrinaAdvent Reponsary2
PalestrinaTrahe me, post te1
PalestrinaO beata et gloriosa Trinitas1
PalestrinaAlma redemptoris mater2
PalestrinaBehold the Lord, the ruler, is come1
PalestrinaOsculetur me1
PalestrinaSicut cervus8
PalestrinaVeni, veni delicte mi1
PalestrinaMissa Aeterna Christi munera2
PalestrinaAscendens Christus1
PalestrinaQuam pulchri sunt gressus tui1
PalestrinaEcce tu pulcher es1
PalestrinaCum pervenisset beatus Andreas1
PalestrinaSurge, propera amica mea1
PalestrinaPulchrae sunt genae tuae1
PalestrinaSicut lilium inter spinas1
PalestrinaExultate Deo3
PantcheffPhos Hilaron (O beauteous light)1
ParkerMississippi Five - Les Animaux 1
ParkerMusket, Fife & Drum1
ParryI know my soul hath power to know all things1
ParryNever weather-beaten sail4
ParryThere is an old belief11
ParryMy soul, there is a country16
ParryAt the round earth's imagined corners6
ParryBlest Pair of Sirens8
ParryLord, let me know mine end5
ParryI was glad21
Parsons, TimGrace1
ParsonsAve Maria68
ParsonsNunc Dimittis1
Paterson, LliamPiano Sonatina No. 21
Patterson, PaulBrumba1
Patterson, PaulThe Fifth Continent8
Paul Caldwell and
Sean Ivory
Hope for Resolution1
PaulusPilgrims' Hymn1
PaulusHymn to the Eternal Flame2
PaulusThe day is done2
PaulusPilgrims' Hymn2
PaulusHymn to the Eternal Flame1
PaulusLittle Elegy3
PaulusThe day is done1
PearsallPurple glow the forest mountains1
PearsallLay a garland7
PearsonO let me at thy footstool fall2
Peat, RichardWinter Landscape2
Peat, RichardFair, Kind and True1
Peerson, MartinPsalm 134 (Southwell Tune) (à 4)1
Peerson, MartinWho will rise up with me? (à 5)1
Peerson, MartinO God, that no time dost despise (à 4)1
Peerson, MartinO let me at thy footstool fall (à 5)2
Peerson, Martin(Second part) But when I said (à 5)1
Peerson, MartinLord, ever bridle my desires (à 5)1
Peerson, MartinO let me at thy footstool fall (à 5)1
PergolesiStabat mater3
PergolesiLaudate Pueri1
PergolesiStabat mater (Stabat mater dolerosa)2
Persichetti, VincentChorale Prelude: So Pure the Star1
PetersLux Aeterna1
Philips, PeterChristus Resurgens1
Philips, PeterSalve Regina2
Philips, PeterAscendit deus3
Philips, JulianBody of Water1
Philips, PeterCantantibus organis1
PilkingtonCare for thy Soul2
PitkinHas it flown away?2
PitoniCantate Domino2
PlainchantPuer natus est1
PlainchantPsalm 1042
PlainsongAve mundi flos Edmunde1
PlainsongPlainsong Canticles1
PlainsongMagnificat Tone IV.1 Solemn1
PlainsongNunc Dimittis Tone III.43
PlainsongNunc Dimittis Tone I17
PlainsongAve maris stella1
PlainsongMagnificat Tonus Peregrinus10
PlainsongPsalm 1031
PlainsongSol ecce lentus occidens1
PlainsongTone VIII 1 Solemn Tone III 41
PlainsongCreator of the Stars of Night6
PlainsongNunc Dimittis Tone I11
PlainsongMagnificat Tonus Peregrinus6
PlainsongTonus Peregrinus Tone 1.22
PlainsongNunc Dimittis Tone I.22
PlainsongMissa de angelis5
PlainsongThe Lamb's high banquet we await1
PlainsongWorthy is the Lamb (Tone iii)1
PlainsongMissa Orbis factor2
PlainsongAntiphon for Palm Sunday (Mode I)1
PlainsongNunc Dimittis Tone IV.42
PlainsongMagnificat Tone IV.1 Solemn2
PlainsongMagnificat Tone VIII.1 Solemn3
Pocock, TomResponses1
PorterI get a kick out of you1
PorterMiss Otis regrets2
PorterI love you3
PorterAnything goes1
PostonJesus Christ the Apple Tree4
Poulenc, FrancisBois meurtri1
Poulenc, FrancisGloria4
Poulenc, FrancisL'Histoire de Babar le petit
Poulenc, FrancisSalve Regina21
Poulenc, FrancisSextet for piano and wind quintet1
Poulenc, FrancisConcerto for Two Pianos1
Poulenc, FrancisLa nuit le froid la solitude1
Poulenc, FrancisQuatre motets pour un Temps de Pénitence
(Tenebrae factae sunt)
Poulenc, FrancisExultate Deo20
Poulenc, FrancisMesse in sol majeur2
Poulenc, FrancisUn soir de neige1
Poulenc, FrancisQuatre motets pour un Temps de Pénitence3
Poulenc, FrancisDe grandes cuillers de neige1
Poulenc, FrancisQuatre motets pour un Temps de Pénitence
(Vinea mea electa)
Poulenc, FrancisO magnum mysterium2
Poulenc, FrancisVidentes stellam1
Poulenc, FrancisLa blanche neige2
Poulenc, FrancisOrgan Concerto3
Poulenc, FrancisQuatre motets pour un Temps de Pénitence
(Tristis est anima mea)
Poulenc, FrancisLa bonne neige1
Poulenc, FrancisQuatre motets pour un Temps de Pénitence
(Timor et tremor)
Praetorius, MichaelQuinti Toni2
Praetorius, MichaelPsallite unigenito1
Praetorius, MichaelIn dulci jubilo1
Praetorius, MichaelMagnificat Quinti Toni (Christmas Magnificat)1
Praetorius, MichaelQuem pastores laudaveres1
Praetorius, MichaelMagnificat Super chorale melos Germanicum1
Praetorius, MichaelJosef lieber, Josef mein1
Praetorius, MichaelOculi Omnium1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Crucifixus)1
PraulinsLaudibus in sanctis1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Kyrie)1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Deum de Deo)1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Gloria)23
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Credo in unum Deum)1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Credo)1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Agnus Dei)2
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Quoniam tu solus sanctus)1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis6
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Sanctus)1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Domine Deus)1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Credo in Spiritum Sanctum)1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Agnus Dei)1
PraulinsMissa Rigensis (Gloria)1
ProkofievPeter and the Wolf7
ProkofievSymphony No 71
ProkofievViolin Concerto No 11
ProkofievMontagues and Capulets2
ProkofievPiano Concerto No 31
ProkofievRomeo and Juliet Suite No. 21
PucciniMessa di Gloria1
PucciniLa Boheme1
Purcellin G8
PurcellFuneral Sentences2
PurcellO sing unto the Lord1
Purcell, Danielin E6
PurcellThy word is a lantern2
PurcellI was glad4
PurcellHear my prayer11
PurcellPraise the Lord, O Jerusalem1
PurcellThou knowest, Lord15
PurcellIn God's word will I rejoice1
Purcell, Danielin F minor1
PurcellService in E2
PurcellEvening hymn1
PurcellDido and Aeneas1
PurcellRejoice in the Lord alway3
PurcellRemember not, Lord, our offences27
PurcellThe Queen's Epicedium2
PurcellService in B flat (in C)1
PurcellHear my prayer7
PurcellJehovah, quam multi sunt hostes3
PurcellService in G4
Purcellin A minor1
PurcellMy beloved spake5
PurcellO Lord God of hosts3
PurcellMy Heart is Inditing1
Purcell, Danielin E minor1
PurcellChaconne in G minor1
PurcellFuneral Music for Queen Mary II1
PurcellSweeter than Roses2
Purcell/SandstromHear my prayer27
QueenBohemian Rhapsody1
QueenA Queenian Rhapsody1
QuilterWeep you no more1
QuilterFairy Lullaby1
Rachmaninov, SergeiVelichit dusha moya Gospoda (My Soul doth magnify
the Lord)
Rachmaninov, SergeiBogoroditsye Dyevo9
Rachmaninov, SergeiVespers [All-Night Vigil]4
Rachmaninov, SergeiRhapsody on a theme of Paganini2
Rachmaninov, SergeiBlazhen Muzh (Blessed is the Man)1
Rachmaninov, SergeiAleko (Aleko's Aria)1
Rachmaninov, SergeiPiano Concerto No 31
Rachmaninov, SergeiNïne otpushchayeshi (Lord, now lettest thou)1
Rachmaninov, SergeiPiano Concerto No 23
Rachmaninov, SergeiCome let us worship (All-night vigil), Op 37, No 11
Rachmaninov, SergeiSymphonic Dances1
Rachmaninov, SergeiHvalyite imyia Ghospodnye (Praise the name of the
Rachmaninov, SergeiSymphony No 27
Rachmaninov, SergeiCherubic Hymn (Izhe heruvimi)3
Rachmaninov, SergeiIsle of the Dead1
Rachmaninov, SergeiLohengrin (Elsas Traum)1
RadcliffeGod be in my head2
Rameau, Jean-PhilippeLaboravi1
Rameau, Jean-PhilippeOverture from 'Les Indes Galantes'1
Ramirez, ArielMissa Criolla1
Ramsay, ParkerEvening Hymn1
Ramsey, RobertFeast Responses16
Ravel, MauriceBolero1
Ravel, MauriceRapsodie Espagnole3
Ravel, MauriceMother Goose Suite1
Ravel, MauricePavane pour une infante defunte3
RavenscroftRemember, O thou man3
Ravenscroft arr.
Remember, O thou man1
RawsthorneFestive Eucharist2
ReichaParthia in F2
ReichaHorn trios1
RespighiLauda per la Nativit del Signore1
RheinbergerCantus Missae4
Richard M. & Robert
M. Sherman with Geo
Ridgeway, EveGrace1
RidoutI sing of a maiden1
Rigaki, EvangeliaAntonious is forsaken by his God2
Rimsky-KorsakovConcerto for Trombone1
Rimsky-KorsakovFlight of the Bumblebee2
Rimsky-KorsakovThe Snow Queen1
Rimsky-KorsakovDance of the Birds1
Rimsky-KorsakovMlada (Procession of the Nobles)1
Rimsky-KorsakovRussian Easter Festival Overture2
RitchieLord, when the sense of thy sweet grace2
Robert Lopez /
Let it Go1
RobertonThe Herdmaiden's Song1
Rogers and
Sound of Music2
RoremLead, kindly light1
RoseFinal Responses46
Rosetti, AntonQuintet1
RossiniThe Thieving Magpie (Overture)1
RossiniThe Barber of Seville (Overture)1
RossiniPetite Messe Solennelle1
RossiniWilliam Tell (Overture)2
RossiniO salutaris hostia2
RothMissa Brevis2
Rowan, MatthewPlace and Time1
Rowley, AlisonJourney's End1
Rubbrain A flat4
RubbraInfant Holy1
RubensteinThe Demon ('Ne plach ditja')1
RubensteinNero (Epitalama Vindex 'Poju tebe Bog Gimeneja')1
RubensteinThe Demon ('Na vozdushnom oceane')1
Rudland, OliverEventide1
Rutter, JohnOf a rose, a lovely rose1
Rutter, JohnAll Things Bright and Beautiful1
Rutter, JohnMass of the Children3
Rutter, JohnThere is a flower3
Rutter, JohnChrist the Lord is risen again1
Rutter, JohnThe Heavenly Aeroplane1
Rutter, JohnA Sprig of Thyme (Excerpts)1
Rutter, JohnGaelic Blessing1
Rutter, JohnWhen Daisies Pied2
Rutter, JohnFive Traditional Songs (1, 2, 4, 5)1
Rutter, JohnSuite Antique for flute and piano (Aria)3
Rutter, JohnMagnificat (Excerpts)1
Rutter, JohnCandlelight Carol2
Rutter, JohnShepherd's Pipe Carol2
Rutter, JohnSuite Antique (Waltz)1
Rutter, JohnRequiem1
Rutter, JohnGod be in my head1
Rutter, JohnDashing away with a smoothing iron2
Rutter, JohnPersonent hodie1
Rutter, JohnFor the beauty of the earth2
Rutter, JohnRequiem (The Lord is my shepherd)1
Rutter, JohnBanquet Fugue1
Rutter, JohnI saw three ships2
Rutter, JohnSuite Antique for flute and piano (Aria and Waltz)1
Rutter, JohnMy true love hath my heart1
Rutter, JohnShepherds left their flocks a-straying1
Rutter, JohnHymn to the Creator of Light2
Rutter, JohnFive traditional songs (Royal Grenadiers)1
Rutter, JohnSuite Antique for flute and piano (Aria, Waltz,
Rutter, JohnA Choral Fanfare2
Rutter, JohnMagnificat2
Rutter, JohnDormi, Jesu2
Rutter, JohnSans Day Carol1
Rutter, JohnStar Carol2
Rutter, JohnWhat sweeter music1
Rutter, JohnLook at the world2
Rutter, JohnThe Lord Bless You and Keep You7
Rutter, JohnFive Traditional songs2
Saint-Saëns, CamilleCarnival of the Animals (Fossils)1
Saint-Saëns, CamilleSymphony No 3 (finale, Babe)1
Saint-Saëns, CamilleOrgan Symphony2
Saint-Saëns, CamilleCalme des nuits1
Saint-Saëns, CamilleIntroduction and Rondo Capriccioso1
Saint-Saëns, CamilleLes Fleurs et les Arbres1
Saint-Saëns, CamilleMorceau de Concert1
Saint-Saëns, CamilleSoftly Awakes my Heart1
Saint-Saëns, CamilleFantasie for Violin and Harp1
Saint-Saëns, CamilleOrgan Symphony - Maestoso1
Saint-Saëns, CamilleCarnival of the Animals (The Swan)1
Saint-Saëns, CamilleCello Concerto3
Saint-Saëns, CamilleDanse Macabre3
Saleeb, DannyMagnificat1
SandersThe Reproaches3
SandersLichfield Service1
SandströmEs ist ein' Ros' entsprungen5
SarasateCarmen Fantasy1
SaxtonThe Child of Light2
Schütz, HeinrichSaul, Saul, was verfolgst du mich2
Schütz, HeinrichJauchzet dem Herren1
Schütz, HeinrichDie Himmel erzählen21
Schütz, HeinrichEin Deutsches Magnificat7
Schütz, HeinrichDer Engel sprach (after Andrea Gabrieli)2
Schütz, HeinrichDie mit Tränen säen2
Schoenberg, ArnoldFriede auf Erden1
SchonbergLes Miserables2
Schubert, FranzSymphony No 51
Schubert, FranzAve Maria1
Schubert, FranzAn die musik1
Schubert, FranzStändchen1
Schubert, FranzSymphony No 41
Schubert, FranzSymphony No 8 (Unfinished)5
Schubert, FranzO Seligkeit1
Schubert, FranzSymphony No 31
Schubert, FranzMinuets for Wind Instruments 4-61
Schubert, FranzMass in C1
Schubert, FranzMass in G5
Schubert, FranzOctet1
Schumann, RobertSymphony No 3 (Rhenish)3
Schumann, RobertSymphony No 1 (Spring Symphony)3
Schumann, RobertScenes from Goethe's Faust [Part III]1
Schumann, RobertTraumerei1
Schumann, RobertPiano Concerto4
Schumann, RobertSymphony No 41
Schumann, RobertDie Lotosblume1
Schwartz arr. Mark
Brymer, Stephen
Wicked (Choral Highlights)1
Scott, AlexanderNow Reigns Full-Orbed the Moon1
Shaw, ArtieClarinet Concerto1
Shaw, MartinCoventry Carol1
Shaw, KirbyOnce upon a dream10
Shaw, GeoffreyHow far is it to Bethlehem?2
ShearingShakespeare Songs and Sonnets1
ShearingShakespearean songs (It was a lover and his lass,
Fie on sinful fantasy, Hey Ho the wind and the
ShephardIn pace2
ShephardHoly is the true light2
SheppardThe Lord's Prayer1
SheppardLibera nos, salva nos4
SheppardSacris solemniis2
SheppardVerbum caro factum est1
ShepphardJesu Salvator saeculi1
Shostakovich, DmitriPiano Concerto No 21
Shostakovich, DmitriViolin Concerto1
Shostakovich, DmitriFestive Overture5
Shostakovich, DmitriWaltz from the film the First Eschelon1
Shostakovich, DmitriThe Gadfly Suite1
Shostakovich, DmitriCello Concerto No 11
Shostakovich, DmitriJazz Suite No 24
Shostakovich, DmitriTahiti Trot (Tea for Two)1
Shostakovich, DmitriJazz Suite No 11
Shostakovich, DmitriSymphony No 101
Shostakovich, DmitriCello Concerto No 21
Shostakovich, DmitriSymphony No 52
SibeliusAndante festivo2
SibeliusSymphony No 21
SibeliusKarelia Suite4
SibeliusValse Triste1
SibeliusKarelia Suite (March)1
SibeliusViolin Concerto3
SibeliusSymphony No 11
SibeliusBe still, my Soul1
Simon and GarfunkelBridge over Troubled Water1
Simon and GarfunkelMrs Robinson (The Graduate)1
SmartO lead me forth in thy truth1
SmetanaMa Vlast3
SmetenaThe Bartered Bride (Overture)1
Smith, WilliamFinal Responses27
Smith, WilliamResponses77
Smith, AlanThere is no rose1
SondheimNot while I'm around (Sweeney Todd)1
Soriano, FrancescoRegina caeli2
Soriano, FrancescoMagnificat primi toni1
SousaThe Stars and Stripes Forever1
SousaLiberty Bell2
SparkasFour Norfolk Dances1
Sparke, PhilipYear of the Dragon1
Sparke, PhilipSequoia1
Sparke, PhilipMusic of the Spheres1
Sparke, PhilipThe Land of the Long White Cloud (Aotearoa)1
Spicer, PaulThis Child of God1
Spicer, PaulAlive1
Spicer, PaulIn a field as I lay1
Spicer, PaulHow Love Bleeds (Four Carols for Dark Times)1
Spicer, PaulCome out Lazar1
Spicer, PaulThere is no Rose of such Virtue1
Spicer, PaulResponses13
Spicer, PaulLet the Mount Sion Rejoice1
Spicer, PaulLove is Beautiful Indeed1
Spicer, PaulStars, I have seen them fall1
Spicer, PaulResponses (Set 1)4
Spicer, PaulA Grace: Inscription in a Monastic Refectory1
Spicer, PaulMichael, The Great Prince, shall Arise1
Spicer, PaulGlory be to God for Dappled Things (Pied Beauty)1
Spicer, PaulResponses (Set 2)2
Spicer, PaulPrayer of St Cuthbert1
Spicer, PaulCome out Lazar2
Spicer, PaulThe shorter choral works1
Spicer, PaulDrop, Drop Slow Tears1
Spicer, PaulHis Heart's Desire1
SpohrClarinet Concerto1
StainerCrucifixion (God so loved the World)6
StainerHow beautiful upon the mountains1
StainerI saw the Lord1
Stanford, Charles VilliersCoelos ascendit hodie24
Stanford, Charles VilliersMagnificat for Double Choir - Latin5
Stanford, Charles VilliersBeati quorum via1
Stanford, Charles VilliersCoronation Gloria2
Stanford, Charles VilliersTe Deum in B flat1
Stanford, Charles Villiersin B flat11
Stanford, Charles Villiersin C28
Stanford, Charles VilliersFinal Responses2
Stanford, Charles VilliersJubilate Deo in B flat1
Stanford, Charles VilliersThe Blue Bird9
Stanford, Charles Villiersin E flat3
Stanford, Charles Villiersin A31
Stanford, Charles VilliersLighten our darkness4
Stanford, Charles VilliersO for a closer walk with God1
Stanford, Charles Villiersin G14
Stanford, Charles VilliersTe Deum in C8
Stanford, Charles VilliersBeati quorum via46
Stanford, Charles VilliersYe Choirs of New Jerusalem2
Stanford, Charles VilliersMass Setting in C and F1
Stanford, Charles VilliersFor lo, I raise up7
Stanford, Charles VilliersWhen Mary thro' the garden went6
Stanford, Charles VilliersJustorum animae18
Stanford, Charles VilliersMotets9
StanhopeDeserts of Exile14
Strauss, RichardAlpine Symphony1
Strauss, RichardDie Fledermaus (Overture)1
Strauss, RichardHorn Concerto No 12
Strauss, RichardAn der schönen blauen Donau2
Strauss, RichardDie Fledermaus Excerpts1
Strauss, RichardTod und Verklarung1
Strauss, RichardHorn Concerto No 22
Strauss I, JohannRadetzky March3
Strauss II, JohannDie Fledermaus (Champagne Chorus)1
Strauss II, JohannUnter Donner und Blitzt2
Strauss II, JohannTales from the Vienna Woods1
Strauss II, JohannTic-Tak Polka1
Strauss II, JohannDie Fledermaus (Overture)2
Strauss II, JohannBanditen-Galopp1
Strauss II, JohannEmperor Waltz1
StravinskyThe Firebird Suite (Kashchei's Dance)1
StravinskyAve Maria2
StravinskyPater Noster1
Stravinsky'Pulcinella' Suite1
StravinskyRite of Spring2
StravinskySymphonies of Wind Instruments1
StravinskyConcertino for Twelve Instruments1
StravinskyThe Firebird Suite1
StravinskySymphony in C1
StuckyO vos omnes5
StuckyO sacrum convivium1
StuckyO sacrum convivium18
StuckyO vos omnes1
StuckyO admirabile commercium1
StuckyO admirabile commercium5
SullivanThe Long Day Closes2
SullivanThree Little Maids / The Sun whose Rays1
SullivanIt came upon the midnight clear2
SullivanDoing Philosophy (libretto Bob Thomas)1
SumsionArise, Shine for your light has come3
Sumsionin A2
Sumsionin G2
SumsionThey that go down to the sea in ships2
SumsionBy the waters of Babylon1
Sund, REtt Nyfött Barn (A Newborn Child)3
SweelinckHodie Christus natus est1
SweelinckHodie beata Virgo1
TaitTonal Comp quintet1
Tallis, ThomasAlleluia! Ora pro nobis1
Tallis, ThomasResponses4
Tallis, ThomasPurge me, O Lord1
Tallis, ThomasTe lucis ante terminum4
Tallis, ThomasO sacrum convivium2
Tallis, ThomasLamentations (Part I)2
Tallis, ThomasO nata lux25
Tallis, ThomasSancte Deus1
Tallis, ThomasShort Service2
Tallis, ThomasDerelinquit impius5
Tallis, ThomasSpem in alium4
Tallis, ThomasMissa de Angelis (Kyrie)1
Tallis, ThomasO Lord, give thy Holy Spirit8
Tallis, ThomasEuge caeli porta1
Tallis, ThomasHear the voice and prayer1
Tallis, ThomasVerily, verily, I say unto you4
Tallis, ThomasLoquebantur variis linguis36
Tallis, ThomasIn Manus Tuas6
Tallis, ThomasPsalm Tunes for Archbishop Parker's Psalter
(Tallis) and Tanzanian Choruses
Tallis, ThomasFauxbourdons on Tones VII and I3
Tallis, ThomasIn ieiunio et fletu8
Tallis, ThomasAudivi vocem de caelo2
Tallis, ThomasWhy fumeth in sight6
Tallis, ThomasGod grant us1
Tallis, ThomasLamentations of Jeremiah Part I3
Tallis, ThomasJesu salvator saeculi2
Tallis, ThomasSalvator mundi42
Tallis, ThomasMissa puer natus (Sanctus, Agnus Dei)1
Tallis, ThomasIf ye love me32
Tallis, ThomasIn pace in idipsum2
Tallis, ThomasAve rosa sine spinis1
Tallis, ThomasDum Transisset Sabbatum2
Tallis, ThomasLamentations of Jeremiah Part II2
Tallis, ThomasMissa de Angelis (Agnus Dei)1
Tariverdiev'Gde to daleko' Somewhere far away1
Tavener, JohnSong for Athene5
Tavener, JohnThe Lamb9
Tavener, JohnThe Veil of the Temple1
Tavener, JohnToday the virgin3
Tavener, JohnHymn for the Dormition of the Mother of God1
Tavener, JohnFuneral Ikos6
Tavener, JohnCollegium Regale1
Tavener, JohnMother of God48
TavernerDum transisset Sabbatum IV1
TavernerDum transisset Sabbatum2
Tchaikovsky, PyotrSymphony No 22
Tchaikovsky, PyotrPiano Concerto No 12
Tchaikovsky, PyotrRococo Variations1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrViolin Concerto3
Tchaikovsky, PyotrPiano Concerto1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrEugene Onegin (Polonaise)1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrThe Crown of Roses5
Tchaikovsky, PyotrNutcracker Suite (Waltz of the Flowers)1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrThe Snowmaiden (Dance of the Skomorokhs)1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrSwan Lake Waltz1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrEugene Onegin (Waltz)1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrSymphony No 53
Tchaikovsky, PyotrNutcracker Suite (Russian Dance: Trepak)1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrSwan Lake Suite3
Tchaikovsky, PyotrNutcracker - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrSymphony No 63
Tchaikovsky, PyotrFantasy-Overture "Romeo and Juliet"1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrEugene Onegin (Overture)1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrValse des fleurs1
Tchaikovsky, PyotrCherubic Hymn (Liturgy of St John), Op 411
Tchaikovsky, PyotrCappriccio Italien1
Telemann, Georg PhilippSonata in E minor for two flutes2
Telemann, Georg PhilippSonata in E minor for two flutes (mvts 2, 4)1
Telemann, Georg PhilippConcerto in E minor for recorder, flute, strings1
Ten Have, WillemAllegro Brillante in A major for Violin and Piano,
Terry, R. R.Richard De Castre's Prayer To Jesus1
Terry, R. R.As Joseph was a-walking1
Terry, R. R.Myn lyking1
Thalben-BallI would find thee2
ThorneMass of St Thomas1
Tippett, MichaelA Child of Our Time (Nobody Knows)3
Tippett, MichaelA Child of Our Time1
Tippett, MichaelA Child of Our Time (Steal Away)2
Tippett, MichaelA Child of Our Time (Deep River)6
Tippett, MichaelNegro Spirituals from 'A Child of Our Time'1
Tippett, MichaelLament (from Divertimento Sellingers Round)1
Tippett, MichaelA Child of Our Time (Negro Spirituals)6
TomasiSaxophone Concerto1
Tomkins, ThomasO praise the Lord, all ye heathen1
Tomkins, ThomasSecond Service3
Tomkins, ThomasFinal Responses (Ferial)1
Tomkins, ThomasFirst Service1
Tomkins, ThomasTone VI5
Tomkins, ThomasO yes! Has any found a lad?1
Tomkins, ThomasWhen David heard3
Tomkins, ThomasSeventh Service2
Tomkins, ThomasO pray for the peace of Jerusalem3
Tomkins, ThomasSee, See the Shepherds' Queen1
Tomkins, ThomasFifth Service5
Tomkins, ThomasAlmighty God, the fountain of all wisdom1
Tomkins, ThomasResponses18
Tomlinson, ErnestSuite of English Folk Dances, Set 11
Trad.Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen1
Trad.One More Time1
Trad.Angelus ad virginem1
Trad.Es ist ein' Ros' entsprungen1
Trad.Seven American Songs - Compiled and edited by Leon
Trad.Floral Dance1
Trad.Sweet Chiming Christmas Bells1
Trad.Were you there?1
Trad.Down in the river to pray1
trad. arr John
The Holly and the Ivy2
trad. arr John
Go Tell it on the Mountain1
trad. arr. David
trad. arr. David
Bobby Shaftoe1
trad. arr. David
Deck the hall with boughs of holly1
trad. arr. David
Tomorrow shall be my dancing day6
trad. arr. David
Away in a manger1
trad. arr. David
The Infant King4
trad. arr. David
Sussex Carol3
trad. arr. Joseph
Way over in Beulah-lan'19
trad. arr. Malcolm
The Angel Gabriel2
trad. arr. SEAMTe harinui1
trad. arr. Steve
Goin' home to God14
trad. arr. Vaughan
The truth from above3
trad. arr. Vaughan
Loch Lomond1
TrepteLord's Prayer1
Trocmé LatterBehold, the tabernacle of God1
Trocmé LatterGrace1
TseSymphony in D minor1
Tye, ChristopherNunc Dimittis4
Tye, ChristopherGive almes of thy goods5
Tye, ChristopherMissa Euge Bone3
Tye, ChristopherGive almes of thy goods1
Tye, ChristopherIn pace, in idipsum1
UpendoNjooni tumsifu mungu1
UpendoUwepo wako1
UpendoNapenda kuimba fadhili zako1
UpendoBwana ndiye mchungaji mwema1
UpendoBaba Yetu1
UpendoKwenda na Yesu1
UpendoNasema asante1
Vaughan WilliamsThe Blessed Son of God2
Vaughan WilliamsOboe Concerto1
Vaughan WilliamsMass in G5
Vaughan WilliamsThree Shakespeare Songs1
Vaughan WilliamsSilent Noon1
Vaughan WilliamsA Choral Flourish1
Vaughan Williams5 Mystical Songs4
Vaughan WilliamsValiant-for-Truth2
Vaughan WilliamsSongs of Travel1
Vaughan WilliamsThe Lark Ascending4
Vaughan WilliamsOld Hundredth2
Vaughan WilliamsRise, heart2
Vaughan WilliamsSea Symphony1
Vaughan WilliamsThe Dark-Eyed Sailor1
Vaughan WilliamsFolk Song Suite 4
Vaughan WilliamsThe Wasps (Overture)1
Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on Greensleeves1
Vaughan WilliamsO Taste and See3
Vaughan WilliamsThe Spring Time of the Year1
Vaughan WilliamsThe Lover's Ghost1
Vaughan WilliamsTe Deum in G3
Vaughan WilliamsO Clap your Hands3
Vaughan WilliamsLet all the world in every corner sing5
Vaughan WilliamsFantasia on Christmas Carols2
Vaughan WilliamsWe've been a while a-wandering1
Vaughan WilliamsThe truth from above4
Vaughan WilliamsThe turtle dove2
VautorSweet Suffolk owl2
VerdiRequiem (Excerpts)1
VerdiLa Forza del Destino (Overture)3
VerdiExcerpt from La Traviata1
ViadanaExultate justi2
ViadanaVinea mea electa1
Victoria, Tomás Luis deO quam gloriosum5
Victoria, Tomás Luis deDum complerentur dies Pentecostes2
Victoria, Tomás Luis deNigra sum sed formosa1
Victoria, Tomás Luis deJesu dulcis memoria3
Victoria, Tomás Luis deRequiem 1605 - Officium Defunctorum3
Victoria, Tomás Luis deO quam gloriosum5
Victoria, Tomás Luis deMissa O quam gloriosum5
Victoria, Tomás Luis deSurrexit Pastor bonus2
Victoria, Tomás Luis deAve Maria a 42
Victoria, Tomás Luis deMissa Simise est regnum caelorum1
Victoria, Tomás Luis deMagnificat primi toni12
Victoria, Tomás Luis deMissa Ascendens Christus2
Victoria, Tomás Luis deAmicus meus1
Victoria, Tomás Luis deNunc Dimittis Terti Toni4
Victoria, Tomás Luis deMagnificat Quinti Toni2
Victoria, Tomás Luis deMissa Surge propera1
Victoria, Tomás Luis deNe timeas Maria1
Victoria, Tomás Luis deLaetatus sum1
Victoria, Tomás Luis dePsalm 109: Dixit Dominus2
Victoria, Tomás Luis deO magnum mysterium1
Victoria, Tomás Luis deAve Maria3
Victoria, Tomás Luis deVere languores nostros2
Victoria, Tomás Luis deDeus in adiutorium1
Victoria, Tomás Luis deMissa Dum Comperentur1
Victoria, Tomás Luis deO vos omnes1
Victoria, Tomás Luis deMagnificat Sexti Toni (for Triple Choir)1
Vierne, LouisAllegro maestoso (Symphony 3)2
Vierne, LouisMesse Solennelle9
Villa-LobosSinfonietta No 11
VilletteNotre Père d'Aix1
VinterHunter's Moon1
VivaldiGloria (Laudamus te)2
VivaldiMagnificat RV6102
VivaldiGloria (Domine Deus)1
VivaldiLaudamus Te1
VivaldiThe 'other' Gloria1
VivaldiRecorder Concerto1
VivaldiConcerto for Two 'Cellos, Strings and Harpsichord 1
VivancoO Rex Gloriae á 61
VivancoMagnificat Octavi Toni6
von KorngoldDie Tote Stadt (Marietta's Lied)1
Wade arr. WilclocksO come, all ye faithful7
Wagner, RichardRide of the Valkyries2
Wagner, RichardTristan and Isolde (Vorspiel, Liebestod)2
Wagner, RichardWesendonck Lieder1
Wagner, Richard'Parsifal' Overture1
Wagner, RichardSiegfried-Idyll1
Wagner, RichardSiegfried's Funeral March
Wagner, RichardMeistersingers Overture3
Wagner, RichardPrelude to Act 3 of Lohengrin1
Walford DaviesRequiem2
Walford DaviesRoyal Air Force March Past1
Walford DaviesGod be in my head3
Walker, GeoffreyFor Nick1
Walmisley, Thomas AttwoodMusic, All Powerful2
WalshFinal Responses1
Walter Bratton arr.
Keith Roberts, John
Teddy Bears' picnic8
WaltonCrown Imperial1
WaltonThe Twelve16
WaltonThree Façade Settings1
WaltonBelshazzar's Feast2
WaltonHenry V2
WaltonCoronation March: Orb and Sceptre1
WaltonHenry V Suite1
WaltonSet me as a seal8
WaltonPortsmouth Point1
WaltonWhat Cheer?1
WaltonMissa Brevis6
WaltonThree Songs1
WaltonChichester Service18
WaltonDrop, drop, slow tears3
WaltonPrelude: Richard III1
WarlockCorpus Christi1
WarlockCapriol Suite (Basse Danse)1
WarlockBethlehem Down2
WarlockBenedicamus Domino4
WarlockCapriol Suite4
Warrell, ArthurA merry Christmas1
WaterhouseCello Concerto1
Watsonin E4
WebbeSuper flumina babylonis1
Weber, Carl Maria vonBassoon Concerto1
Weber, Carl Maria vonSymphonic Reflections1
Weber, Carl Maria vonDer Freischütz (Overture)1
Weeks, JamesOrlando Tenebrae2
WeelkesHosanna to the Son of David3
WeelkesSixth Service2
WeelkesIn medio chori4
WeelkesSince Robin Hood3
WeelkesO Lord, Arise1
WeelkesIf King Manasses1
WeelkesService for Trebles8
WeelkesGloria in Excelsis Deo4
WeelkesShort Service13
WeelkesHark all ye lovely saints11
WeelkesO how amiable are thy dwellings1
WeirIlluminare Jerusalem2
WeirAscending into Heaven1
Wesley, Samuel SebastianWho can express1
Wesley, Samuel SebastianThou wilt keep him in perfect peace3
Wesley, Samuel SebastianCast me not away1
Wesley, Samuel SebastianAscribe unto the Lord1
Wesley, Samuel Sebastianin E2
Wesley, Samuel SebastianBlessed be the God and Father1
Wesley, Samuel SebastianBlessed be the God and Father9
Whitacre, EricCloudburst1
Whitacre, EricAnimal Crackers Vol I1
Whitacre, Erici thank You God2
Whitacre, EricSleep15
Whitacre, EricThis Marriage1
Whitacre, EricLux Aurumque4
Whitacre, EricWater night9
Whitacre, EricGodzilla Eats Las Vegas!1
White, RobertLamentations (à 5)1
White, RobertChriste, qui lux es et dies4
WhitlockBe still, my soul3
Whitlockin B minor1
WhitlockA new work1
Whitlockin G3
Whitlockin D (Magnificat)1
WieniawskiFaust Fantasy1
Wigglesworth, RyanThe Genesis of Secrecy1
WilbyeFlora gave me fairest flowers3
WilbyeDraw on, sweet night13
WilbyeLady, when I behold3
WillaertOmnipotens sempiterne Deus1
WillaertQui la dira (Who will tell the trouble of my
WillanHow they so softly rest1
WillanRise up, my love12
WillanI beheld her, beautiful as a dove1
WillanFair in face3
WillanRise up, my love1
WillanHow they so softly rest2
WillanI beheld her, beautiful as a dove2
WillanFair in face1
Willcocks, JonathanLacrymosa1
WilliamsJurassic Park2
WilliamsStar Wars1
WilliamsThe Cowboys1
Williams, LaurenceBalulalow1
WilliamsE.T. Theme Music2
Williams, LaurenceResponses1
WilliamsHymn to the Fallen (Saving Private Ryan)1
Williams and Patrick
Doyle, John
Selections from Harry Potter and the Goblet of
Williams arr.
Star Wars Trilogy1
Williams, John (arr.
R Smith)
Suite from Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom
Wilson, GarethLogos xix1
Winters, ElizabethWinter Now1
Winters, ElizabethEvening Voluntary1
WishartAlleluya, a new work is come on hand5
Wood, CharlesOculi omnium8
Wood, CharlesHail, gladdening light14
Wood, CharlesOnce as I remember1
Wood, HenryFantasia on British Sea Songs3
Wood, CharlesHaec dies3
Wood, Charlesin G for Double Choir1
Wood, Charlesin F1
Wood, CharlesO thou, the central orb6
Wood, CharlesKing Jesus hath a garden2
Wood, Charlesin G1
Wood, CharlesThis Joyful Eastertide7
Wood, CharlesExpectans expectavi3
WoodwardUp! Good Christen folk, and listen2
Woolfenden, GuyIllyrian Dances1
Woolfenden, GuyAubade1
Woolhouse, Matthew?1
Wylkynson, RobertSalve Regina1
Young, TobyThe Jaunty Economist1
Zawinal, J.Birdland1
Zimmer, HansThe Lion King2