Catherine White


1 27 June 2015 Queens' College Chapel Erasmus choir
Il est bel et bon (He is a good chap, my husband)
En venant de Lyon (When coming from Lyons)
Willaert - Qui la dira (Who will tell the trouble of my heart?)
De Sermisy - Tant que vivrai
Martin menait son pourceau (Martin was taking his piglet to market)
Jouissance vous donnerai (Pleasure I will give you, my love)
Lassus - Bonjour mon coeur (Good day, my heart)
Le chant des oiseaux (Song of the birds)
Un doux regard (If for my life I only depend on your affection)
Je suis déshéritée (I am disinherited since I have lost my lover)
Francion vint l''autre jour (Francion came the other day and found me all alone)
O poesy
Come let us join the roundelay
Death’s final conquest
When evening’s twilight
Walmisley - Music, All Powerful
Pearsall - Purple glow the forest mountains
Come gentle zephyr
Barnby - Sweet and low
Bridge - The Goslings
Invocation to sleep
appropriate pic