Catherine White


1 26 July 2014 Madingley Church Erasmus choir
Byrd - Justorum animae
Byrd - Ave verum
Tallis - O nata lux
Parsons - Ave Maria
Bull - Ut re mi
Tallis - If ye love me
Farrant - Hide not thou thy face
Farrant - Lord, for thy tender mercy's sake
Mundy - O Lord the maker of all thing
Tomkins - When David heard
Weelkes - Hosanna to the Son of David
Gibbons - Almighty and Everlasting God
Gibbons - O Lord, in thy wrath
Byrd - Litany
Byrd - Fantasia in G
Morley - Now is the month of maying
Jones - Farewell, dear love
Vautor - Sweet Suffolk owl
Morley - Lo, here another love
Morley - Sweet nymph, come to thy lover
Gibbons - The Silver Swan
Dowland - Can she excuse my wrongs
Wilbye - Draw on, sweet night
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