Catherine White


1 10 June 2010 St Giles' University of Cambridge Concert Band

Conductor - Jacob Dyer, Philip Howie, Mayuko Tanno
Walford Davies - Royal Air Force March Past
Bernstein - Selections from West Side Story
Dyer - Flying
Dyer - On the Shoulders of Giants
Sousa - The Stars and Stripes Forever
Howie - Faeries' Aire and Death Waltz
Schonberg - Les Miserables
Bronnenkant - Symphony for Singer (Excerpt)
2 21 June 2007 West Road Concert Hall UCPO

Conductor - Mark Galtrey
Violin - Charlie Siem
Mendelssohn - E minor violin concerto
Badelt - Pirates of the Caribbean
Schonberg - Les Miserables
Coates - Dambusters
Big Country
The Mission (Gabriel's Oboe)
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