Catherine White

Web Design

I enjoy coding and design and so in my spare time I occupy myself making websites. A list of my websites and their interesting features is shown below. Some may have been subsequently improved or updated by other people, e.g. AGRenewables have redesigned their logo, or been abandoned, as they were event-specific, e.g. the annual opera productions.

I have created websites without ever meeting the client (email-only correspondence) and those where the client is keen to be able to update their site themselves, which generally involve at least one face-to-face meeting for some training. I structure client-editable sites such that, whatever their coding ability - or lack of it - they are able to make the changes they want. Otherwise I can accept a maintenance fee, after which I will make changes to the website after it has gone live. This is usually done by sending me a quick email.

If you would like to have your own website, please read on.

Catherine's website portfolio

CUMS 2012 - Aug
CUMS website screenshot

In the summer of 2012, I worked together with the Cambridge University Musical Society to update their website, which had a lot of content, but was slightly disorganised. Special elements to their site included:

  • a Wordpress site for easy content management by the CUMS team,
  • a customised plugin to automate audition bookings for their groups,
  • a simple categorisation system to add news items and music library sets.
Great Glemham 2012 - Jun
Great Glemham Solar website screenshot

AGRenewables' site at Great Glemham was a simple and elegant site to provide information for the public on the creation of a solar farm in Suffolk.

Jenny Judge 2012 - Apr
Jenny Judge website screenshot

During the Easter holiday I worked on an academic website for Jenny Judge. In this case, I was only involved at the initial setting-up stage, as Jenny was able to do all the content editing herself.

There were several stages to producing the final website.

  • Jenny found elements on other websites she liked.
  • We met to talk about the design and structure of her site.
  • We set up the website and went through a quick tutorial on elements she might need to know.
  • Final troubleshooting took place via email
Barnaby Martin 2012 - Mar
Barnaby Martin website screenshot

The month of March saw me design and build a website for the composer and arranger Barnaby Martin. The challenge for this particular site was to have music playing on start-up, as the composer wished, yet make the audio easy to access and turn off if the visitor prefers. I placed a bar across the top of the site, which is designed to pick up on any audio links within each page and display them. Unlike most other audio plugins, this one is designed to keep playing the same track, with no break, while the user is browsing the whole site.

AGRenewables 2012 - Feb
AGRenewables website screenshot

In February 2012 I designed a large commercial website for AGRenewables. AGRenewables have multiple renewable energy projects at different stages at any one time and the challenge was to provide a simple way to incorporate these into their website. The site is powered by Wordpress, so I edited the LOOP to display custom categories on certain pages. This means a person writing an update simply selects appropriate categories and the update is automatically displayed in the correct locations. I also customised plugins for simple display of team members.

Sustainable London 2012 - Feb
Sustainable London website screenshot

The Sustainable London team already had a website design but were looking for a more user-friendly content management system (CMS) to enable them to keep their website up-to-date. I converted their website into a Wordpress site in February 2012, including media presentation options, an automatic menu and easy page editing.

Far From the Madding Crowd 2011 - Nov
Far from the Madding Crowd website screenshot

Starting in November 2011, I made a website for Blue Boar Opera's production of Far from the Madding Crowd, a new opera by Barnaby Martin based on the novel by Thomas Hardy. The interesting challenge in this site was that the producers wanted to use a font requiring a non-free license. Therefore alternative fonts were sourced and applied to the site using @fontface.

Trinity Singers 2011 - Sep
Trinity Singers website screenshot

September 2011 resulted in the design of a website for the Trinity Singers, a large chorus based in Trinity College, Cambridge. It features a content manager to enable easy editing of the website by committee members, a rotating series of images at the top and integration with Google Calendar for the rehearsals and concerts.

Michael Waldron 2011 - Feb
Michael Waldron's website screenshot

In February 2011 Michael Waldron, a multi-talented conductor, accompanist, organist and repetiteur needed a website.

Pinnacle Ensemble 2010 - Dec
Pinnacle screenshot

In December 2010 I created a website for the Pinnacle Ensemble, a new group based in London made up of current and past Cambridge choral scholars and directed by Michael Waldron.

This website is my first using Wordpress, which facilitates the separation and management of content and presentation. Wordpress is conventionally perceived as a tool for bloggers but it is possible to use it as a content management system for a static website like this one, with some tweaking of code.

Sword in the Soul 2010 - Mar
Sword in the Soul screenshot

Sword in the Soul is a composition by Francis Grier that had not been performed in 20 years. The website was created for a concert in Easter 2010, designed to provide an introduction to the piece and performers. I edited the thematic image of Giotto's Crucifix to create a border in keeping with the Renaissance style of the painting.

Pelleas 2010 - Feb
Pelléas et Mélisande screenshot

The next project was to make a website for the University Opera Society's 2010 production, Pelléas et Mélisande. Luckily the artwork was provided by someone else, so my job was simply to adapt her designs to fit within the website functionality.

Enval 2009 - Oct
Enval screenshot

In October 2009 I created the website for my company, Enval Limited. Although in this case the basic layout and design of the site had already been decided on, it was still necessary for me to combine the two best proposed designs into a workable company website. In this instance a lot of attention was paid to cross-browser consistency, which I hope I have achieved.

Trinity in Camberwell
Camberwell screenshot

Here is my design for the charity Trinity in Camberwell. I have created the fundraising thermometer using divs so that the level can be changed simply by inserting progress as a percentage of the total into the CSS.

Murray Edwards Music Society
Music Society screenshot

The Music Society did not have a website so I created one to bring the design in line with the layout of the College website. The most difficult part of this website was creating a usable three-tier menu system.

Murray Edwards Boat Club
Boat Club screenshot

Whilst computer officer for the college boat club, I created a photo gallery for displaying groups of photos and a database for recording erg times, which could then be displayed.

Orchestra on the Hill
OOTH screenshot

The Orchestra on the Hill website incorporates a Google calendar and a form for mailing list subscription.

Cambridge University Chamber Choir
Chamber choir screenshot

The Chamber Choir website had not been used for a while when I first took it over and needed updating. This will be a project for later on, so that next year the website is ready to add events and publicity.

Stour Choral Society
Choral society screenshot

The Choral Society was my first long-term website. It's fairly simple but I hope it conveys everything required by members and patrons alike.


How do I get my own website?

The first step in getting your own website is to acquire a domain name. Think up the address you would wish for your own site and check whether it is available using the Domain Name Checker here. Penguin have excellent service and reasonable prices.

After aquiring yourself a domain, you will need some hosting. Again, I recommend Penguin. Buy this and you are ready to make your site. If you would like me to make it, please send me an email. It would be helpful if this contained a basic idea of what you want and perhaps some links to ideas or functionality you like or dislike. I will then let you know a price. An typical timescale for designing and building a site depends on the complexity of the site and can be anything from a few days to a month.

If you already have a website somewhere else, but would like a more appropriate domain name, you can buy the domain and then simply point your new domain name at your existing website.